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LMAO! Women beats kids with a dildo! Your thoughts?
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Woman charged with corruption of minors, lewdness

Carl Hessler Jr., February 27, 2003

NORRISTOWN -- A 35-year-old West Pottsgrove woman displayed an artificial penis, in a sexual nature, to three juveniles, chased them and hit one child on the head with it, according to court documents.

Linda Schultz, of the 400 block of Glasgow Street, must answer to multiple charges of corruption of minors, open lewdness and harassment in connection with incidents that occurred in June, according to documents filed Thursday in Montgomery County Court.

The charges were held for court after Schultz waived a preliminary hearing earlier this month before District Justice Thomas A. Palladino of Pottstown.

Schultz, who turned 36 Saturday, faces a formal arraignment on the charges in April. That hearing will mark the first opportunity Schultz has to enter a plea to the charges.

She remains free on $8,500 unsecured bail pending her next court appearance. As a condition of bail, Schultz was ordered to have no contact with the victims while the case is pending.

West Pottsgrove police initiated an investigation of Schultz last October after a parent of one of the victims reported that Schultz acted improperly with two minors, a 7-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl, according to a criminal complaint.

Schultz, according to the arrest affidavit, allegedly placed an artificial penis through an opening in her shorts, portraying to have a penis, while in the company of the two children in a West Pottsgrove residence last June.

"The defendant went as far as to chase the children around with the dildo, hitting (the female child) on the head with it," West Pottsgrove Police Officer Steven James Ziegler wrote in the affidavit of probable cause.

The two victims confided in an adult about the incident in October, according to court records. Police said the children were traumatized by the alleged act and one of the victims repeatedly mimicked the conduct and had to receive counseling.


During the investigation, police also discovered a 15-year-old girl who told authorities Schultz threw an artificial penis at her and made a lewd comment to her while she was in Schultz’s company last year, according to the criminal complaint.

Under state law, by charging Schultz with corruption of minors, police alleged she corrupted the morals of three minors by "subjecting the victims, in a sexual nature, to an artificial penis."

By charging Schultz with open lewdness, police alleged she committed the lewd act of subjecting the victims to the artificial penis when she knew that the act would be observed by others who would be "affronted or alarmed" by the act.
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Re:LMAO! Women beats kids with a dildo! Your thoughts?
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That had me laughin kid, to quote J-Lo


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Re:LMAO! Women beats kids with a dildo! Your thoughts?
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ALl I can say iz OMG  :D