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Rick Venom

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Re: Computer Coward
« Reply #390 on: August 23, 2013, 02:04:27 PM »
i like how heinz try n play that holier than thou shit when niggas talkin shit until its his turn to talk shit.

u would make a great mod around here, b.

Thank you for the invite but I am not interested in your ballroom drama.
I guess with Elano gone you are desperate to feed your carnivore craving for some beef.


tell me what i said that wasn't true?

Why? You need my confirmation of what you view as true?
If your mind is made up good for you.

keep dancin bojangles. i call ppl out on there shit. ur passive aggressiveness dont make u less of a fraud.

Nice try.
Better luck next time.
u keep replying so i keep winnin.

and if u dont reply then u runnin like a bitch.

catch 22. i got u.
show me where did i said i live in Poland
want me to show u? ok.....

im from Poland