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and I guess only the cities he just named represent the whole U.S.
I named states not cities,dumbass . i did not say those states represented the whole U.S.either.  Learn how to read ,dipshit. you were the one acting like crunk juice is evey where in the U.S.  when it is not at all.

you did get me on the 'states not cities' part but did you really just tell ME to learn how to read?  :laugh:  :-[

HHDX should make a Rise & Fall of Nelly chart next, that one would actually be pretty funny
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Re: The Rise & Fall of Lil Jon
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^ So everyone older than you is your superior?
yes, they are .

Hmm, to me, being old is not really that much of a qualification by itself. And wouldn't that mean that Will B is a superior to all of us? ;D
i donīt need any medicate shit im 100 normal.