Author Topic: Money B on 2pac, Stretch, I Get Around Og, and Soulja's Revenge! Part2  (Read 311 times)


This interview is Part 2 in a series of interviews (4) with Hip Hop Legend and Radio Personality, Money B. In this part we speak on:

Recording Strictly 4 My Niggaz & Raw Fusion Album
Money B's relationship With Stretch
Stretch And Tupac [Falling Out]
Soulja's Revenge [when It was made, was he on it?]
2pac wanting to leave Interscope early on
25th Anniversary Edition?
Rooming With 2pac
2pac's Political Aspirations
And The New And Improved 'Going WAY Back Show'
And More


Hack Wilson - real

RIP Stretch

my fav producer ever  8)