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according to The Vault.... "Necessary Roughness" by Lady of Rage is produced and mixed by Easy Mo Bee

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Re: C.V.: DJ Premier (Productions)
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DJ Premier

"Equality" (Featuring Ky-Mani)
"Mic Stance"
"Menace 2 Society"
"Big Acts, Little Acts (Featuring GZA/Genius)"
"Boulevard (Featuring Guru)"
"Lyrical Monster"
"Sucka Free"
"Whirlwind Through Cities"

A.G. (Andre the Giant)
"Weed Scented" (Featuring Guru)

"New York Ryder Music" (Featuring DJ Premier & M-1)

Ali Vegas
"Eveyrday Iz War"

All City
"The Actual"
"Afta Hourz"

Anisha Nicole
"One Track Mind"

Arrested Development
"Ease My Mind" (Dj Premier Remix)

"Love Me In Your Special Way"
"Don't Give A **** Now"
"The Format"
"The Come Up"

"True Honey Bunz"
"Rugged Ruff"
"Three Tha Hard Way"

Baldhead Slick
Back To Back" (Featuring Mendoughza)

Big Daddy Kane
"Show & Prove"
"Any type of way"

Big L
"Ebonics (Dj Premier Remix"
"The Big Picture (Intro)"
"Platinum Plus" (Featuring Big Daddy Kane)
"Da Enemy" (Featuring Fat Joe)

Big Jaz (of Immobilarie)
"Love is gone"

Big Shug
"Treat You Better"
"The Jig Is Up"
"Play It"
"It Just Don’t Stop"
"Streets Move" (Featuring Singapore King)
"The Way It Is"
"Counter Punch" w/ Guru
"Bang 'Em Down"
"Do Ya"
"The 3 Shugs"
"Sic a Niguz" (Featuring Bumpy Knuckles)
"We Gangsta" (Featuring T-Wes & Singapore Cane)
"Dirt" (Featuring Smiley the Ghetto Child & H Stax)
"What's Really Real?"
"On The Record"

Biz Markie
"...And I Rock"

Black Eyed Peas
"BEP Empire"
"My Style" (DJ Premier Remix) (Featuring Justin Timberlake)

Blahzay Blahzay
"Danger (Dj Premier Remix)"

Blaq Poet
"2 Much To Stomach"
"Bang This"
"Watch Yo Back"
"We Gone Ill"
"Poet Has Come"
"A Message From Poet"
''hood crazy'', ''what's the deal'', & ''don't give a fuck''
Boogie Down Productions
"P Is Still Free"

"1st Of Tha Month (DJ Premier's Phat Bonus Remix)"

Born Unique
"Call Waiting"

"Drive By"

Brandford Marsalis Quartet
"Jazz Thomg"

Brand New Heavies
"It's Gettin Hectic" (Featuring Guru)

Brand Nubian
"The Return"

"Almost Doesn't Count (Dj Premier Remix)"

Buckshot Lefonque
"Music Evolution (Remix)"
"Some **** @ 78 BPM (Scratch Opera)"
"Ladies & Gentlemen"
"Wonders & Signs"
"Hotter Than Hot"
"Breakfast At Denny's"
"...And We Out"

"The Illest"


"Evening News"

Celph Titled
"Primo’s Four Course Meal"

Charli Baltimore
"Everybody Wanna Know"

Chi Ali
"No Surrender, No Retreat"

Christina Aguilera
"Intro (Back To Basics)"
"Back In The Day"
"Aint No Other Man"
"Still Dirrty"
"Thank You (Dedication To Fans)"

Choclair - 21 Years

"The 6th Sense"
"The Game" (Just Scratches)

Compton's Most Wanted
"Def Wish II (Remix)"

Cookie Crew
"A Word To The Conscious"

"Dirty Game"
"Days Of Reality"

Craig David
"7 Days (Remix)" (Featuring Nate Dogg & Mos Def)

Craig G
"Ready Set Begin"

Crooklyn Dodgers 95'
"Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers"

D&D Project
"1,2 Pass It" (Featuring Mad Lion, Doug E Fresh, KRS-One, Smif-n-wessun & Jeru)
"1,2 Pass It (Remix)"

D' Angelo
"Lady (Remix)"
"Dreamin Eyes Of Mine (Remix)"
"Devil's Pie"

Da King & I
"Flip Da Scrip (Remix)"

Da Youngstas
"Wake Em' Up"

Das Efx
"Kaught In Da Ak"
"No Diggedy"
"Real Hip-Hop"

Devin The Dude
"The Doobie Ashtray"

Dilated Peoples

D.I.T.C. (Diggin' In Tha Crates)
"The Enemy"

DJ Cam feat. Afu-Ra
"Voodoo Child (Remix)"

DJ Scribble
"Play That Beat Mr. DJ" (Featuring Guru)

Dream Warriors
"It's A Project Thing"
"Lost My Ignorance" (Featuring Guru)

Ed O.G.
"Saying Something"

EZD feat. Afu-Ra
"War & Position"
"For Da Love" (Featuring Guru)
"Return To It" (Featuring O.C.)

Emma Bunton (Spice Girls)
"What I Am is What I Am (Remix)" (Featuring Tin Tin Out & Guru)

"Proper Dosage" (Featuring Boy Big)
"F.A.B.I.D./Family Art"

Fat Joe
"Success (Primo Mix)"
"Dat Gangsta ****"
"The **** Is Real (Remix)"
"Jealous One's Envy"

"Its Been A Long Time Coming"

Four Tet
"As Serious As Your Life" (DJ Premier Remix)

Freddie Foxx
"A Part Of My Life"
"Real ***** **** (R.N.S.)"
"The Lah"
"Teach The Children"
"Mic And Gun"
"The Life"
"My Thoughts"

"Planet Brooklyn"

Group Home
"Livin Proof (Entire 1st album)"   (EXCEPT "4 Give My Sins" & "Serious Rap Shit")
"Supa Star (1994 Demo Version)"
"The Legacy" (Featuring Guru)
"Up Against The Wall" (Getway Car Remix)

"Whatch What You Say" (Featuring Chaka Khan)
"Hustlin' Daze" (Featuring Donnel Jones)
"Back 2 Back" (Featuring Mendoughza)

"Projects" (Featuring Shinobi #7)
"I Love When"

Heather B.
"Steady Rockin"

Heather Hunter
"Freak Like Me"

Heavy D. & The Boyz
"Here Comes The Hevsta"
"Yes Yes Y'all"

"Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous (Remix)"


"The Best Part"

"Ain't None Of Y'all Betta" (Featuring Sheek & Styles)

Janet Jackson
"Together Again (Remix)"
"All For You (Remix)"

"A Million & One Questions"
"Rhyme No More"
"Friend Or Foe"
"Friend Or Foe 98"
"Bring It On" (Featuring Sauce Money & Jaz)
"So Ghetto"
"Intro – Hand It Down"

"Love Is Gone" (Featuring The Immobilarie)

"The Real One"
"The Pimp"
"Ghetto Law"
"Neighbourhood Drug Dealer" (Remix)

Jermaine Dupri
"Protectors of 1472"

Jeru Tha Damaja
"Wrath Of The Math (Entire Album)"
"The Sun Rises In The East (Entire Album)"
"Me, Not The Papes (Remix)"
"Frustrated Nigga"

"World Premier"

Jojo Pelligrino
"Real Simple"

Just Ice
"I'm A Gangsta"
"Gangstas Don't Cry"
"Just rhymin wit Kane (Feat. Big Daddy Kane)"

Kanye West
"Everything I Am" (Just Scratches)
"Classic" (DJ Premier Remix) (Featuring Nas, Rakim & KRS One)

"You Cant Tell Me Shit"

Kool G. Rap
"First ***** (Remix)"
"On The Rise Again"

"Outta Here"
"Krs-One Attack"
"Gettin Hectic"
"Higher Level"
"Mental Thoughts"
"Rappaz R.N. Dainja"
"I Can't Wake Up"
"MC's Act Like They Don't Know"

Krumb Snatcha
"Closer To God"
"Incredible" (Featuring Gangstarr)

Lady Of Rage
"Some ****"
"Microphone Pon Cok"
"Necessary Roughness"
"Back on the block"

Loose Ends
"A Little Spice (Remix)" (Featuring Guru)

"It's Alright (Remix)" (Featuring Guru)

Limp Bizkit
"Getch Groove On" (Dirt Road Mix)
"My Way" (DJ Premier Remix)

Lord Finesse
"Slave To My Soundwave"
"Baby You Nasty"
"Striktly For Tha Ladies"
"Track The Movement"
"A Lesson To Be Taught"
"Lord Finesse’s Theme Song"
"Keep It Flowing"


Limp Bizkit
"My Way (Premier's Way Remix)"
"Getcha Groove On (Remix)" (Featuring Xzibit)
"N 2gether Now" (Featuring Method Man)

Little Vic
"The Exorcist"

Macy Gray
"I've Committed Murder (Remix)" (Featuring Guru & Mos Def)

"Don't Tell Me" (DJ Premier Remix)


MC Lyte
"Wonder Years"

[b]MC Solaar[/b]
"Le Tempo"

Memphis Bleek
"Hand It Down"

Mobb Deep
"Peer Pressure"
"Cop Hell (Remix)"

"Rugged Neva Smooth (Remix)"
"Downtown Swinga"
"Firing Squad"
"New Jack City"
"Salute pt. 2"
"Downtown Swinga 96"
"Breakin The Rules"
"Breakin The Rules (Remix)"
"1 Luv" (Featuring Freddie Foxx)
"Handle Ur Business (Premier Remix)"
"Downtown Swinga 98"
"Premier Melody"
"Warriorz Intro"
"Face Off"
"Follow Instructions"
"Roll Call"
"On The Front Line"
"Bloody Murder"
"Stick To Ya Gunz" (Featuring Kool G. Rap)
"Half and Half" (Featuring Guru)
"4 Life"

Mos Def

Mr. Dong
"Let The Man"

N'Dea Davenport
"Bring It On (Remix)"

"N.Y. State Of Mind pt. 2"
"N.Y. State Of Mind"
"Memory Lane"
"Memory Lane (Remix)"
"Come Get Me"
"2nd Childhood"
"I Gave U Power"
"Nas Is Like"

Neneh Cherry
"I Ain't Gone Under Yet"

"Down The Line"

"Rock Stars"

Notorious B.I.G.
"Machine Gun Funk (Remix)"
"Ten Crack Commandements"
"Rap Phenomenon" (Featuring Method Man & Redman)
"Kick In The Door"

"Hands In The Air"

"Giantz Ta This"v
"Get To The Point"
"Welcome To G-Dom"
"Itz On" (Featuring Rave Roulette)
"Ya Dayz R #’d"
"G’z And Hustlaz"

"Win The G" (Featuring Freddie Fox)
"M.U.G. (Money Unda Ground)" (Featuring Freddie Foxx)
"My World"
"War Games" (Featuring Organized Konfusion)

Ol Dirty Bastard
"Pop Shots"

"Keep Steppin"

Paula Perry
"Extra Extra"

Pitch Black
"Its All Real"
"Got it Locked"
"Nice" (Featuring Styles P.)
"Rep Da Hardest"

Pharoahe Monch
"Livin It Up"

Planet Asia
"Bringin It Back"

"Set Me Free (Hip-Hop Mix)"

The Ranjahz
"Inspiration" (f/Cee Lo)

Queen Latifah
"Wrath Of My Madness (Remix) (Featuring Defari)
"Wrath Of My Madness (New Remix)"

Rah Digga
"Lessons Of Today"

"New York (Ya' Out There)"
"When I Be On The Mic"
"Waiting For The World To End"
"Its Been A Long Time"

Ras Kass
"Golden Child" Remix

"Hardcore Hip-Hop (Remix)"

Red Fox
"You Can't Test Me"

"Real Nigga Quote"

"Wickedest" (Remix)

"Gotcha Back"

Robbie Robertson
"Take Your Partner By The Hand (Premier mix)"

Roscoe P. Coldchain
"Whut Itz All About"
"Ima Kill This Nigga" (Featuring Ab Liva)

Royce Da 5’9”
"Hip Hop"
"Hit Em!"
"Royce Is Like"
"Gorilla Pimpin"
"A Million More Questions"
"Ding! Ding!"
"My Friend"

Sauce Money
"Against The Grain"
"Intruder Alert"

"Seen It All"
"Fuck All Y'all Bitch Ass Niggaz (F.A.Y.B.A.N.)"

Sinead O' Connor
"Famine (Remix)"

Showbiz & A.G.
"The Next Level (Nyte Tyme Remix)"

"On & On (Remix)"

Skyzoo & Torae
"Get It Done"

"The Wake Up Call"

Smooth B
"Game Over"

Snoop Dogg
"Batman & Robin"
"The One and Only"

Sonja Blade
"Look 4 Tha Name"

Special Ed
"Freaky Flow (Remix)"

Special Teamz
"Main Event"

Statik Selektah
"Spell My Name Right (Intro)"

Sub Sonic 2
"Dedicated To The City"

"Watch How It Goes Down"
"So Amazing"

"F-U (**** You)"
"Comin' Atcha"
"For The Love"
"Just Rhymin’ With Krumb" (Featuring Krumbsnatcha)
"Married To The Game" (Featuring Styles P.)

Teriyaki Boyz
"You Know What Time It Is"

"What I Am" (Remix) (Featuring Gangstarr)

Too $hort
"In The Trunk (Remix)"

Tony Touch
"Gangsta Gangsta" (Featuring Tega Calderon)

Troy Slugs
"Gotta Shine (Lock Da Game)"

Truck Turner
"Who Am I"
"Breaker One"
"Bring It To Tha Cypha" (Featuring KRS-ONE)

Verbal Threat
"Reality Check"

Wendy & Lisa

Wyclef Jean
"911" (DJ Premier Remix) (Featuring Mary J. Blidge)

"What A Mess"

"Premier's Execution"
"DJ Premier is in deep concentration"

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This is the correct DJ Premier CV

Mic Stance (Original)
Mic Stance
Visions (Skit)
Big Acts, Little Acts (Remix)
Lyrical Monster
Sucka Free

A.G. (Andre the Giant)
Weed Scented

New York Ryder Music

Ali Vegas
Everyday Iz War

All City
The Actual

Anisha Nicole
One Track Mind

Arrested Development
Ease My Mind (Dj Premier Remix)

The Format
The Come Up

True Honey Bunz
Rugged Ruff
Three Tha Hard Way

Big Daddy Kane
Show & Prove
Any Type Of Way

Big L
The Big Picture (Intro)
Platinum Plus
Da Enemy

Big Shug
Treat You Better
The Jig Is Up
Play It
It Just Don’t Stop
Streets Move
The Way It Is
Counter Punch
Bang 'Em Down
Do Ya
The 3 Shugs
Sic a Niguz
We Gangsta
What's Really Real?
On The Record
Like A Muhfucka
My Boston
When I Strike

Biz Markie
...And I Rock

Black Eyed Peas
BEP Empire
My Style (DJ Premier Remix)

Blahzay Blahzay
Danger (Dj Premier Remix)

Blaq Poet
2 Much To Stomach
Bang This
Watch Yo Back
We Gone Ill
Poet Has Come
A Message From Poet
What's The Deal
Hood Is Crazy
Don't Give a Fucc!
Ain't Nothing Changed

1st Of Tha Month (DJ Premier's Phat Bonus Remix)

Drive By (Rollin' Slow Remix)

Brand Nubian
The Return

Almost Doesn't Count (Dj Premier Remix)

Buckshot Lefonque
The Blackwidow Blues
Music Evolution (Remix)
Some **** @ 78 BPM (Scratch Opera)
Ladies & Gentlemen
Wonders & Signs
Hotter Than Hot
Breakfast @ Denny's
Breakfast @ Denny's (Uptown Version)
...And We Out

The Illest


Evening News

Charli Baltimore
Everybody Wanna Know

Feel My Love (DJ Premier Remix)

Chi Ali
No Surrender, No Retreat

Christina Aguilera
Intro (Back To Basics)
Back In The Day
Aint No Other Man
Still Dirrty
Thank You (Dedication To Fans)

The 6th Sense  (Instrumental)

Compton's Most Wanted
Def Wish II (Remix)

Cookie Crew
A Word To The Conscious

Dirty Game
Dirty Game (Remix)

Craig David
7 Days (Remix)

Craig G
Ready Set Begin

Crooklyn Dodgers 95'
Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers

D&D Project
1, 2 Pass It
1, 2 Pass It (Remix)

D' Angelo
Lady (Remix)
Dreamin Eyes Of Mine (Remix)
Devil's Pie

Da King & I
Flip Da Scrip (Remix)

Da Ranjahz
Insp Her Ation

Da Youngstas
Wake Em' Up

Das Efx
Kaught In The AK (Remix)
No Diggedy
Real Hip-Hop

Devin The Dude
The Doobie Ashtray

Dilated Peoples

D.I.T.C. (Diggin' In Tha Crates)
Ebonics (Dj Premier Remix)
Where Ya At (Remix)

DJ Cam feat. Afu-Ra
Voodoo Child (Remix)

Dream Warriors
It's A Project Thing
Lost My Ignorance

Edo. G.
Sayin' Somethin'

Emma Bunton (Spice Girls)
What I Am is What I Am (Remix)

Proper Dosage

Fat Joe
Success (Primo Mix)
Dat Gangsta ****
The Shit Is Real (Remix)
That White

Its Been A Long Time Coming

Freddie Foxx
A Part Of My Life
Real ***** **** (R.N.S.)
The Lah
P.A.I.N.E. (Pressure At INdustry Expense)
Teach The Children
Mic And Gun
The Life
My Thoughts
Freddie Blassey

Planet Brooklyn (not sure about this one)

Gang Starr

No More Mr Nice Guy (Album)
1. Premier & The Guru
2. Jazz Music
3. Gotch U
4. Manifest
5. Gusto (Produced by The 45 King)
6. DJ Premier In Deep Concentration
7. Positivity (Remix)
8. Manifest (Remix)
9. Conscience Be Free
10. Cause And Effect
11. 2 Steps Ahead
12. No More Mr. Nice Guy
13. Knowledge (Produced by The 45 King)
14. Positivity

Step In The Arena (Album)
1. Name Tag
2. Step In The Arena
3. Form of Intellect
4. Execution Of A Chump (No More Mr. Nice Guy Pt. 2)
5. Who's Gonna Take The Weight
6. Beyond Comprehension
7. Check The Technique
8. Lovesick
9. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
10. Game Plan
11. Take A Rest
12. What You Want This Time?
13. Street Ministry
14. Just To Get A Rep
15. Say Your Prayers
16. As I Read My S A
17. Precisely The Right Rhymes
18. The Meaning Of The Name

Daily Operation (Album)
1. Daily Operation Intro
2. The Place Where We Dwell
3. Flip The Script
4. Ex Girl To The Next Girl
5. Soliloquy Of Chaos
6. I'm The Man
7. 92 Interlude
8. Take It Personal
9. 2 Deep
10. 24 7 365
11. No Shame In My Game
12. Conspiracy
13. The Illest Brother
14. Hardcore Composer
15. B.Y.S.
16. Much Too Much (Mack A Mil)
17. Take Two And Pass
18. Stay Tuned

Hard To Earn (Album)
1. Intro (The First Step)
3. Code Of The Streets
4. Brainstorm
5. Tonz O Gunz
6. The Planet
7. Aiiight Chill...
8. Speak Ya Clout
10. Words From the Nutcracker
11. Mass Appeal
12. Blowin' Up The Spot
13. Suckas Need Bodyguards
14. Now You're Mine
15. Mostly The Voice   
16. F.A.L.A.
17. Comin' for Datazz

Moment Of Truth (Album)
1. You Know My Steez
2. Robbin Hood Theory
3. Work
4. Royalty
5. Above The Clouds
6. JFK 2 LAX
7. It's A Set Up
8. Moment Of Truth
9. B.I. VS Friendship
10. The Militia
11. The Rep Grows Bigger
12. What I'm Here 4
13. She Knows What She Wants
14. New York Straight Talk
15. My Advice 2 U
16. Make 'Em Pay
17. The Mall
18. Betrayal
19. Next Time
20. In Memory Of...

The Ownerz (Album)
1. Intro
2. Put Up Or Shut Up
3. Werdz From the Ghetto Child
4. Sabotage
5. Rite Where You Stand
6. Skills
7. Deadly Habitz
8. Nice Girl, Wrong Place
9. Peace Of Mine
10. Who's Got Gunz
11. Capture (Militia, Pt. 3)
12. Playtawin
13. Riot Akt
14. Hiney
15. Same Team, No Games
16. In This Life...
17. The Owners
18. Zonin
19. Eulogy

Jazz Thing (Video Mix)
Jazz Thing (Movie Mix)
Lovesick (Extended Mix)
Credit Is Due
Full Clip
The Militia II
The ? Remainz
1/2 &1/2
All 4 Tha Cash
So Wassup?
The Squeeze
You Know My Steez (Remix)
The Piecemaker
Tongue Of Terror
I'm Not Superman
Doe In Advance
Gotta Get Over (Takin' Loot)

Group Home

Livin Proof (Album)
1. Intro
2. Inna Citi Life
3. Livin' Proof
4. Serious Rap Shit (Produced By Guru)
5. Suspended In Time
6. Sacrifice
7. Up Against The Wall (Low Budget Mix)
8. 4 Give My Sins (Produced By Big Jaz)
9. Baby Pa
10. 2 Thousand
11. Supa Star
12. Up Against Tha Wall (Getaway Car Mix)
13. Tha Realness

Supa Star (1994 Demo Version)
The Legacy
Suspended In Time (Groovy Remix)

Whatch What You Say
Hustlin' Daze
Back 2 Back
Where's My Ladies
Lifesaver (DJ Premier Remix)

I Love When

H. Stax
Get It In

Heather B.
Steady Rockin'
Steady Rockin' (Remix)

Heather Hunter
Freak Like Me

Heavy D. & The Boyz
Here Comes The Heavster
Yes Yes Y'all

House of Repz
U Gotta Love Us

Howie B
Take Your Partner By The Hand (DJ Premier Remix)

Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous (Remix)

Ill Bill
Society Is Brainwashed

Never Be

The Best Part

Ain't None Of Y'all Betta

Janet Jackson
Together Again (Remix)
All For You (Remix)

Intro/A Million & One Questions/Rhyme No More
Jay-Z - A Million & One Questions (Remix)
A Million And One Questions (Extended Mix)
Friend Or Foe
Friend Or Foe 98
Bring It On
So Ghetto
Intro – Hand It Down

Jaz-O & The Immobilarie
Love Is Gone

The Real One
The Pimp
Ghetto Law
Neighbourhood Drug Dealer (Remix)

Jermaine Dupri
Protectors of 1472

Jeru Tha Damaja

The Sun Rises In The East (Album)
1. Intro (Life)
2. D. Original
3. Brooklyn Took It
4. Perverted Monks in Tha House (Skit)
5. Mental Stamina
6. Da Bichez
7. You Can't Stop the Prophet
8. Perverted Monks in Tha House (Theme)
9. Ain't the Devil Happy
10. My Mind Spray
11. Come Clean
12. Jungle Music
13. Statik

Wrath Of The Math (Album)
1. Wrath Of The Math
2. Tha Frustrated Nigga
3. Black Cowboys
4. Tha Bullshit
5. Whatever
6. Physical Stamina
7. One Day
8. Revenge Of The Prophet (Part 5)
9. Scientifical Madness
10. Not The Average
11. Me Or The Papes
12. How I'm Livin'
13. Too Perverted
14. Ya Playin' Yaself
15. Invasion

Me Not The Paper

Just Ice
I'm A Gangsta
Gangstas Don't Cry
Just Rhymin' With Kane

Kanye West, Nas, KRS-One & Rakim
Classic (DJ Premier Remix)

You Cant Tell Me Shit

Kool G. Rap
First ***** (Remix)
On The Rise Again

Outta Here
Krs-One Attack
Slap Them Up
Higher Level
Mortal Thought
Rappaz R.N. Dainja
I Can't Wake Up
MC's Act Like They Don't Know
P Is Still Free
Criminal Minded '08

Krumb Snatcha
Gettin' Closer To God

Lady Of Rage
Some ****
Microphone Pon Cok

Laura Izibor
From My Heart To Yours (DJ Premier Version)

Les Negresses Vertes
Voila l' Ete (Gang Starr & LNV Remix)

Loose Ends
A Little Spice (Remix)

It's Alright (Remix)

Lord Finesse
Slave To My Soundwave
Baby, You Nasty (Original Version)
Baby You Nasty
Striktly For Tha Ladies
Track The Movement (Original Version)
Track The Movement
A Lesson To Be Taught
Lord Finesse’s Theme Song
I Keep The Crowd Listening (DJ Premier Remix)


Limp Bizkit
My Way (Premier's Way Remix)
Getcha Groove On (Remix)
N 2gether Now

Little Vic
The Exorcist


Macy Gray
I've Committed Murder (Remix)

Mark Ronson
Just (DJ Premier's JustRemixItMix)


MC Lyte
Wonder Years

MC Solaar
Le Tempo

Mobb Deep
Peer Pressure
Cop Hell (Remix)

Rugged Neva Smooth (Remix)
Downtown Swinga
Firing Squad
New Jack City
Salute pt. 2
Downtown Swinga 96
Breakin The Rules
1 Luv
Handle Ur Bizness (Premier Remix)
Downtown Swinga 98
Warriorz Intro
Face Off
Follow Instructions
Roll Call
On The Front Line
Bloody Murdah
Stick To Ya Gunz
DJ Premier Intro

Mos Def

N'Dea Davenport
Bring It On (Remix)

N.Y. State Of Mind pt. 2
N.Y. State Of Mind
Memory Lane
Memory Lane (Remix)
Come Get Me
2nd Childhood
I Gave U Power
Nas Is Like 

Neneh Cherry
I Ain't Gone Under Yet

Rock Stars

The Notorious B.I.G.
Machine Gun Funk (Remix)
Ten Crack Commandements
Rap Phenomenon
Kick In The Door

Nut Nut
Hands In The Air

Giantz Ta This
Get To The Point
Welcome To G-Dom
Itz On
Ya Dayz R #’d 
Ya Dayz R #’d (Remix)
N.H.B. (Nigga, Ho, Bitch)
G’z And Hustlaz
Legendary Pt. 1

Win The G
M.U.G. (Money Unda Ground)
My World 
War Games

Ol Dirty Bastard
Pop Shots
Pop Shots (Remix)

Keep Steppin (Remix)

Paula Perry
Extra, Extra

Pitch Black
Its All Real
Got It Locked
Rep Da Hardest

Set Me Free (Hip-Hop Mix)

The Ranjahz

Queen Latifah
Wrath Of My Madness (Remix)
Wrath Of My Madness (New Remix)

Rah Digga
Lessons Of Today

New York (Ya' Out There)
When I Be On The Mic
Waiting For The World To End
Its Been A Long Time

Ras Kass
Goldyn Chyld (Remix)

Hardcore Hip-Hop (Remix)

Red Fox
You Can't Test Me

Say Goodnight

Real Nigga Quote

Gotcha Back

Roscoe P. Coldchain
Whut Itz All About
Ima Kill This Nigga

Royce Da 5’9”
Hip Hop
Hit Em!
Gorilla Pimpin
Ding! Ding!
My Friend
Shake This

Sauce Money
Against The Grain
Intruder Alert

Scha Dara Parr
Cracker MC's (DJ Premier Remix)

Seen It All
Fuck All Y'all Bitch Ass Niggaz (F.A.Y.B.A.N.)

Showbiz & A.G.
The Next Level (Nyte Tyme Remix)

On & On (Remix)

Skyzoo & Torae
Get It Done

Slam Slam
Free Your Feelings (Gifted Mix)

Smiley The Ghetto Child
The Wake Up Call

Smooth B
Game Over

Snoop Dogg
Batman & Robin
The One and Only

Sonja Blade
Look 4 Tha Name

Special Ed
Freaky Flow (Remix)

Special Teamz
Main Event

Sub Sonic 2
Dedicated To The City
Dedicated To The City (The Gang Starr Mix)

Watch How It Goes Down
Watch How It Go Down (Remix)
So Amazing
How We Rock

F-U (**** You)
Comin' Atcha
For The Love
Married To The Game

Teriyaki Boyz
You Know What Time It Is

Too $hort
In The Trunk (Remix)

Tony Touch
The Piece Maker
Gangsta Gangsta

Truck Turner
Who Am I
Breaker One
Bring It To Tha Cypha

Verbal Threat
Reality Check

Wendy & Lisa

Coke dj.culture (DJ Premier Remix)

What A Mess

Premier's Execution

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Re: C.V.: DJ Premier (Productions)
« Reply #78 on: October 31, 2008, 10:24:35 AM »
Jome, do you want to update this onto the 1st post. Its all correct apart from a few Gang Starr tracks missing.


Re: C.V.: DJ Premier (Productions)
« Reply #79 on: October 31, 2008, 10:29:52 AM »
Yeah, good work.  :)


Re: C.V.: DJ Premier (Productions)
« Reply #80 on: October 31, 2008, 10:40:59 AM »
Props back. +1  ;D


Re: C.V.: DJ Premier (Productions)
« Reply #81 on: November 22, 2008, 07:22:19 PM »
Blaq Poet - Too Strong


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Re: C.V.: DJ Premier (Productions)
« Reply #82 on: November 27, 2008, 05:58:46 PM »
dude has a amazing catalog! truly a legend  8)


Re: C.V.: DJ Premier (Productions)
« Reply #83 on: December 06, 2008, 06:25:13 PM »
Maroon 5 - Secret (Premier 5 Remix)


Re: C.V.: DJ Premier (Productions)
« Reply #84 on: January 11, 2009, 08:57:26 PM »
This needs adding to the CV

Sunkiss - We Go Back

And the Khaleel track is called 'Hot Flames' and not 'Cant Tell Me Shit'
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Re: C.V.: DJ Premier (Productions)
« Reply #85 on: January 12, 2009, 10:09:27 AM »
50 Cent - Shut Ur Bloodclot Mouth


Re: C.V.: DJ Premier (Productions)
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These need adding to the CV

Gang Starr :

Positivity (Whole World Mix)
Positivity (Club Version)
Gotch U (Hunter Mix)
No More Mr. Nice Guy (Fed Up Mix)
Ex Girl To Next Girl (Remix)
DWYCK (Horny Instrumental)

Lord Finesse:

Strictly For The Ladies (Radio Remix)

And a couple of corrections:

Just Ice - 'I'm A Gangsta' need to be changed to 'Love Rap'
The Ranjahz - Inspiration needs to be changed to Da Ranjahz - Insp Her Ation

Oh and just a little something else, remove the instrmental next to Common - 6th Sense, just buggin me a little.
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Re: C.V.: DJ Premier (Productions)
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I think I'm finally satisfied now. Props.


Re: C.V.: DJ Premier (Productions)
« Reply #88 on: January 30, 2009, 08:23:01 PM »
Add these

Big Shug - Play It (Remix)
Kool DJ Red Alert - Red Alert Chant


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Re: C.V.: DJ Premier (Productions)
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Anyone know if Proof's Play With My Self is definitley produced by Premier (or is it over one of his productioons)?

According the credits it's Premo.