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Gateway to my mind
« on: March 12, 2003, 11:42:51 AM »
Gateway to my Mind

Aim release the beast on the streets so no peace
But increase the deceased under white sheets unleashed
The power of the hour yearniní for my every desire
Heated like a wire when Iím out to acquire crackaz admired Crackaz lookiní down on the ninth numbered cloud
While they shoutiní loud what they about shut your mouth now
How many crackaz talkiní shit about the man
They armed with two glocks I got a pen in each hand
Inkiní out my truest thoughts crackaz let me out the box
Now I lift Ďem out their socks as Iím bailiní down these blocks And heariní shots on the stops of every corner I turn
My words will make you burn more than a hollow tip is concerned
A death is a one time thing my phrases last forever
In my opinion I think itís better never get weathered
No erosion corrosion in my statement Iím knowiní
But throwiní up D.O.I. keep goiní showiní off my flow
With selective references to the story I bet it is
Whoís next to step to this strong enough to rep this shit
Canít have no weaklings on my team frankly speakiní
All through the weekend crawliní sneakiní and creepiní
In the middle of the night early a.m. slay them
Karma catches up so quick soon enough one day then
Itís all over and done with situation is closed
You chose the roads to pose with the clones and hang with those
But now the time healing process starts to progress
If this is a test then I passed it A plus the best
Cominí out to blow up like a bomb so cracka ring the alarm
And itís on and Iím gone on a mission whoís really strong
Physically is one element what do you represent
Mentally itís evident your brain is hesitant to get a message sent Thatís where it starts and you marks donít get it
First thought is to turn to violence cause intelligence is missiní
Youíre pissiní your life away everyday and throw stones
While living in a house of glass shards by your home
And itís sad cause thatís bad I contemplate and wonder
How many times you blame your mother as an excuse to a blunder
And blame a personís actions on a childhood life
I believe it to an extent only I know cases that say it ainít right
So itís wrong and I pen it out in my song
Pointiní the finger all along and now whoís really strong
The one who takes responsibility for his own actions
Accepts everything that happens as life simply passiní
And time moviní on and while it is what are you doiní
Nothing so you get ruined ran over F.C. flew in
Teachiní statements to sadists, believers, vagrants and high class Messages received the latest here take this and then the death pass And spread the word make sure they heard the last and the first
And everything in between reality a dream but the truth hurts {Chorus}
Seven years ago my number of CDís was zero
So whoís the true underground hero itís not him itís me though
Crafted my skill through strongest will to fill
These shoes of mine never missiní a line until
I got both feet in the grave no attempt to be saved
Resurrected not expected but check it Iím here today
Wonderiní if truest words held up to itís own title
I must live for more recital itís vital but I idle
And sit and waste time not makiní the most of mine
I guess more than some do pour out my heart and soul in these lines Now I feel obligated elated that I waited
Crafted my skill to be more updated perfection I made it
Send this album to The Source to get five mics twice
I mean thrice for this Boom Trilogy and The Timeline
Dopeness they couldnít measure I feel itís work not pleasure
If professional Iíd feel stranded in the desert forever
Cause that means shows and tours autograph yours
Appear for in-stores one night stands with whores never be ignored Aside from all that appears to be glamour selfish matters
All the time away from home I could never see my crackaz
Thatís why this is only a hobby now less tend to rob me
Less crackaz spot me and got me they have them but not me.......


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Re:Gateway to my mind
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2003, 10:29:40 PM »
that was hard sooooooooon best ive seen from ya....

Keepin it REAL

Name may b differnt, but tha HaMMer still haz to b dropped.

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Re:Gateway to my mind
« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2003, 10:57:42 PM »
that was hard sooooooooon best ive seen from ya....

Right on man!

Disceptive AssAssin

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Re:Gateway to my mind
« Reply #3 on: March 14, 2003, 09:07:42 AM »
that shit did flow really good

Trippin Sizzzzzzzzack.......