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Storm (Female Outlaw) Is Back!
« on: August 06, 2013, 02:00:31 AM »
Check Out Her NEW Song

Neva B (2013)

Wit Lil Site:


Storm is back and she is here to stay.


And so the story of Tupac’s best-kept secret begins. Storm wants you to listen to her story, to feel her soul through her music.  “I always loved listening to rap and was just so intrigued at how poetry (which I loved and started doing before rap as early as elementary school) could be put to music and create a song.”

Storm has a zero tolerance policy on bullshit or fakeness and explains why she decided to leave the music industry after Tupac died: “I stopped because, after Pac died, the music stopped for me.  It’s like I went deaf!  I was literally soul-broken.  I started to see things that I didn’t like and weren’t part of my character.  I started to experience the things that Pac had basically blocked me from and put himself in front of so I didn’t have to see it and I could just concentrate on music.  But, when he was no longer that shield, I saw disloyalty, greed, deceit, lies, so called homies/family showing their true evil ways.  I found out, the hard way, that you have no friends in this business, only opportunist!  I felt, right after Pac died, that if I kept dealing with these kind of people, I would most likely have snapped, and ended up in somebody’s prison!  Because I have very little, if any, patience for bullshit or fakeness.  I didn’t trust anybody after Pac because he was too genuine, loyal, and respectful to me for me to accept anything less from anybody else.  I started to carry a pistol everywhere I went. I became so reckless and angry after Pac’s death that I hated everybody!”

She wants to display her skills in rhyming and wants to let the world know that even though she was Tupac’s protégée he never wrote her lyrics.  “Pac was excited that he didn’t have to take the time to hold my hand and write my lyrics for me.  But, me being the female rapper makes everyone just assume that he was writing my shit.  That’s 100% false!”

Her first introduction to Tupac led to their future cooperation even before Tupac had created the Outlaw Immortalz.  “I was actually introduced to Pac inside an on set trailer by the home girl, Sunshine.  She was in a 90′s girl group called Y?N-Vee out of Compton, California.  She was a friend of Pac’s.  Pac and me started talking for about an hour before Sunshine came back to the trailer and nonchalantly asked Pac if he knew I was a rapper.  Pac was surprised so he immediately asked me to rap!  He loved it and he asked me to be the first female in his crew.  He hadn’t named the group yet, but later announced that we would be called the Outlaw Immortalz.  I was supposed to be one of his solo artists from the group Outlawz.”

And now it’s time for her solo.  The first song is her way to tell her own story in her own unique way. The track Neva B was born. How did this come to pass? “The lyrics Neva B woke me up from my sleep at 12:01 am in the morning and I went back to sleep an hour later, with the lyrics, including the chorus (hook) and the melody, finished.  I started thinking how nobody can touch Pac or the songs that Pac had written, so I started to name the titles, one by one, and made his titles tell MY story.  That’s how I came up with Neva B. I WAS Brenda’s baby, but I was rescued and given life back.  That’s why I’m “Nobody’s Daughter.”  I literally wasn’t!  That was going to be the name of my 1st album.”

After a long time out of the spotlight Storm is back to finish what she started so long ago. Listen to Neva B to hear a small preview of her story.

“I still miss Pac and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him.  He was my family and I will always love him and even though he’s gone, I stay loyal to him and will never disrespect what he believed in and fought for just so I can make a quick buck or just because it’s the flavor of the month.  Fuck the fame!  (she laughs)  I guess he taught me well…”
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Re: Storm (Female Outlaw) Is Back!
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Great info!
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Re: Storm (Female Outlaw) Is Back!
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2013, 08:55:26 AM »
Thanks for sharing!
I've always been a fan of Storm, maybe it's too late now but it's a pretty good song.


Re: Storm (Female Outlaw) Is Back!
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Too late.

All Outlawz should have stuck together when releasing that album "Ride wit us or collide wit Us" 13 years ago. It was evident from that, that we had been left with the 4 wack Outlawz, whereas any of them with any talent and writing capability were off doing their own thing (Fatal, Storm, Big Syke)

I guess it was evident from "Y'all Don't Know Us" on Still I Rise that we were going to get 12+ tracks of that on their own album, the following year.

Storm could have added some versatility back then on the Outlawz albums and helped prop it up a bit. Who knows, with Storm on board, perhaps others would have been more inclined to work together and create a better product than the crap we got. Her rawness would have inspired the other 4 sleeping to wake up and put effort in
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Re: Storm (Female Outlaw) Is Back!
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Re: Storm (Female Outlaw) Is Back!
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damn i wanna hear some of her death row stuff..i bet its tha bomb.

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Re: Storm (Female Outlaw) Is Back!
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storm > rage + lil kim combined


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Re: Storm (Female Outlaw) Is Back!
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Thank you for the info


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Re: Storm (Female Outlaw) Is Back!
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storm > rage + lil kim combined
storm>bloody mary>shkilla>jah-skillz>rage