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Re: Market-driven culture has destroyed virtue
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Voting for anyone is permitting someone else to govern you rather than yourself. It's providing the consent required to be farmed like cattle by a selected farmer and you give up more than you think by voting, but then that's the whole aim of the political process. Even when they introduce rouge candidates (IE; Ron Paul) at a time when peoples confidence in politics is decreased, all they do is bring in a rouge candidate and return people to the political system as well as create a database of "potential troublemakers" to the structure of the system (ie; who is against them). We need direct democracy, but we don't even have democracy. Getting to select a leader from a short list of bought and paid for crooks and liars every 4 years is hardly democracy.

We need to educate our children on the basis of this modern slavery. We need to make sure they know that we have 2 laws - One is the universal law, common, which is the simplest and easiest one to understand --> No loss, harm or injury to anyone or their property and to not use fraud or mischief in your contracts

It is a law very easy and basic to understand. It is the ONLY true law. Today we have statutes and government legislation masquerading as the LAW but it isn't law. That's why you hear anyone who breaks a government RULE commits an "ILLEGAL" act, but not an UNLAWFUL act, because legal and lawful are different.

Schools are a waste of time. You are not taught to think for yourself, rather be rewarded on memorizing and repeating what you are told.

This entire thing is run on contractual law, and we give the government the consent to own our youth like cattle and profitable product the minute we transfer ownership of them through the registration process.

Unfortunately, trying to teach children is easier than adults, and it's difficult to get through with the truth when media and society continually spread lies and keep everyone in the dark
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