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till makaveli returns its all eyes on bnash232006
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I dont get one thing, when you say Tupac Shakur will return in 2014, what do you mean by saying that? Will he return as he was, the old 2Pac or a new born is gonna come?:)
Man right now i see a lot of stuff about 2Pac's death. -Samsnake

He is still alive so he will come back as he is in his current state. I heard Obie Trice say that 2Pac had braids so that would be very weird to see. lol.

But saying 2Pac is in Cuba then it may be he may return/resurface as a leader in Cuba as the world is on the brink of a full out World War thus he may never return to America as this is only in theory. I dont know how he will return but I do know that he will have a political team when he does resurface and saying that the New Afrikan movement escaped to Cuba then his political party may be in Cuba. Who knows he may take over as leder of Cuba but I doubt that since Cuba is soo small but shit 2Pac is a soulja and would do some crazy shit like that. Who knows man, all I do know is that the June 13, 2014 date is in the booklet of one of his All Eyez On Me album releases and on one of the Makaveli releases on the barcode. -bnash232006

So basically you believe in the "Y" theory, which was a mockery of all the alive theories...
The Y theory is so far fatched, it is laughable. Plus you believe in 2014.

You say you have facts, well please bring them forward: show us the proof on All Eyez on me and on Makaveli.
The social security number doesn't match up, well who checked it and do we have proof?
Alot of theorists make up "evidences" and post them up their website and other "believers" simply take them as facts.

Again, not knocking your information, but let's see if the facts hold up in real life. -Menace

Well all you have to do is watch the Makaveli Decoded series and buy all of the All Eyez On Me album releases and all of the Makaveli album releases and just use the informatiom from the videos with the evidence in your hands and its that easy. Another thing about people telling others to bring proof is sheer laziness because noones going to do your research for you so one should be thankful that someone is bringing them truth when in reality that individual doesnt have to do anything for the next nigga, but hey some things will never change. Dont forget that 2Pac was and is a genius and he even said himself that everything was planned and plotted and keep in mind that Suge and countless others in the street life dont talk to cops and also the game is to be sold not to be told, so dont expect any of them to straight up tell you anything. 2Pac wants people to think for themselves to better themselves instead of letting media and others think for them as that is a way for people to be controlled. So its time to take back our lives and start to think for ourselves and for others thus I bring the facts to the table to help people grow as 2Pac gave it all up to help us grow because this aint livin . . .

Makaveli Decoded Playlist

When it comes down to it I believe my own eyes and not the words of men as people have a tendancy to lie and I understand that because many have much to gain from lying and in this case 2Pac had everything to gain by lying. He had his life, his freedom and much more to gain from using this deception as well as we have much to gain from his deception as it will help us grow to think for ourselves and not let others lead us astray like blind sheeple.

Also 2Pac said many things pointing to the night he was shot in Vegas in his songs that people simply dont pay attention to. My favorite album is the Makaveli album and I pay attention to alot of what he says on that album because I listen to it everyday.

On Niggaz Nature we know that NIGGA stands for Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished and then on the song he says "Label Me Makaveli Thug Nigga With Pipe, Living Life As A Rock Star Friday Night, Make Money, Get Pussy, Always Keep A Pager, With A Cell Phone In The Ride To Complete My Nature Now"

Now I dont remember when or where 2Pac said it but I remember him talking about how Niggaz shouldnt have a cell phone and have a pager instead because a cell phone makes it where you are on lock by your woman or your girl. I cant remember all he said but I vaguely remember 2Pac talking about that. Now with that said, this means 2Pac wouldnt just have a cell phone with him at all times and I have yet to see a picture or video of 2Pac talking on a cell phone as I have only seen him talking to Suge on a cordless phone in one of his last interviews where he discusses the Illuminati. Now 2Pac said living life like a rock star "FRIDAY NIGHT" which is the night he was shot and then he says "WITH A CELL PHONE IN THE RIDE TO COMPLETE MY NATURE NOW" as there was a cell phone in the car of that belonged to 2Pac that was found after the alleged shooting. Thats just one thing people never have brought up ever and I simply discovered this by paying attention to his music carefully. Just like in the song Whatz Ya Phone #. Whatz Ya Phone # is about having sex with a woman so when he says something in a gon that doesnt go with the content of that song you should listen and pay close attention. He says on Whatz Ya Phone # "Picture In My Rhyme, Take Time To Rewind These Ordinary Words I Say, If You Open Up Your Mind, Bet In A Minute You'll Find, It's Time Let Yhe Outlawz Play, What's Ya Phone Number?". He is telling us right there to follow the clues to find the hidden messages he left backmased in his songs. Also the Makaveli poster says to listen very carefully, 2Pac speaks his mind.

Also on Starin Through My Rearview 2Pac talks abiout him being shot in Vegas while the whole block staring "Multiple Gun Shots Lit The Block, The Fun Stops, Niggaz Call The Cops, People Shot, Nobody Stops, I Wonder When The World Stop, Caring Last Night, 2 Kids Shot, While The Whole Block Staring " as he was out in the street when he was shot and everyone was leaving the Tyson fight but people will argue and say hes talking about the Quad Studio shooting but that isnt true because there wasnt many witnesses to the Quad Studio shooting and he was in the elevator inside of a building thus nobody was staring. So 2Pac is implying to the Vegas shooting right there in September. EDI says "Now You See Them, No You Dont, Some Niggaz Be Here For The Moment, And They Gone, Lets See, It Seems To Be A Mystery, But All I Know I Never Let The Money Get To Me" thus implying 2Pac and Kadafi disappeared on us and nobody knows what really happened and that he will never sellout for money and never snitch out Pac and Kadafi. Kadafi also says "Smoke A Blunt For Me Too" implying he would be leaving us too. Its right there in the music as all you have to do is pay attention, listen and think for yourself.

2Pac also says on Starin' Through My Rearview "Keys To Ignition, Use It To Your Discretion" which points to his final picture where there was no keys in the ignition of the BMW and also implying that he has the keys and he is in control of his life from now on and he has the freedom to decide what should be done in a particular situation, thus thats what the word descrition means.

Also on Watch Ya Mouth 2Pac refers to the night in Vegas when he says "I Do Some Fly Shit And Be Done, They Say Pac Ain't Got Love For The East Side, You's A Lie, Motherfucker, Nigga We Ride" thus he is telling us he is about to pull of some fly shit by faking his death and while him and Suge Ride. Its simple understanding when you listen to the message and see what transpired.

2pac - Watch Ya Mouth OG (Starts at 2:44)

2Pac - Starin' Through my Rear View (Starts At 1:58)

2Pac - What'z Ya Phone # (Starts At 1:25)

2Pac - Niggaz Nature (OG) (Starts at 1:30)

2pac COLLECTION of SUBLIMINAL messages + New ones !!!


All Eyez On Me (2PAC) (NORMAL).wav

All Eyez On Me (2PAC) (NORMAL)

All Eyez On Me (2Pac) (REVERSE).wav

All Eyez On Me (2PAC) (REVERSE)

All Eyez On Me (Me) (NORMAL).wav

All Eyez On Me (ME) (NORMAL)

All Eyez On Me (Me) (REVERSE).wav

All Eyez On Me (ME) (REVERSE)

How I Survived This Halloween (2PAC) (NORMAL).wav

How I Survived This Halloween (2PAC) (NORMAL)

How I Survived This Halloween (2PAC) (REVERSE).wav

How I Survived This Halloween (2PAC) (REVERSE)

How I Survived This Halloween (ME) (NORMAL).wav

How I Survived This Halloween (ME) (NORMAL)

How I Survived This Halloween (ME) (REVERSE).wav

 How I Survived This Halloween (ME) (REVERSE)

2pac Last Pic Fake New Proof 2011


The source of this extract could not be disclosed. (Its up to you to believe it or not)

With Dr Dre,2pac and Snoop on the same label, these guys were the real untouchables. By 1996 Deathrow had monopolized the rap industry. They had the hardest producer of all time (Dr Dre), the multi talented and ever controversial artist of all time Tupac Shakur and the list just goes on. But all this was about to change when Dr Dre one of the co-founders of Deathrow was about to leave the label because he felt that Suge Knight (also a co-founder of Deathrow) was stealing some of his money and making some illegal transactions with company's money behind his back.
Everybody on Deathrow (except for Suge)did know that Dr Dre was leaving the label. Suge knew that if he told other artists on Deathrow the real reason (fraud) why Dr Dre had left the label,they would also follow in his footsteps.
Like Dre,2pac was about leave tha row,not for the same reasons as Dre,but reason being his contract had come to and end.Tupac was still enjoying the sucess of his multi selling platinum album All Eyez On Me and he was also in the process of making another album (untitled at this time) which was his third and final album on the label.At this time Suge knew that if 2pac left Deathrow that would be the end of the label,since Dre had already left the label. . When 2pac asked Suge if Dre could produce a couple of tracks of his upcoming album, Tupac was shocked to hear that Dre had left the label. Instead of Suge telling 2pac the real reason why Dre had left the label, he told him that he had fired Dre because he was fed up of paying for his gay partner's welfare and that this would tanish the label's image. (2pac and other artists on tha row were blinded).
Since Suge felt that 2pac's exit from tha row would see the fall of the label,he decided to do something that would shock many people , eliminate 2pac. He knew that this was the right time to do it since 2pac was beefing with Biggie Smalls (who could easily be framed as murder suspect) and in many people's eyes 2pac was a living legend. This would mean if 2pac was killed it would boost his sales and Suge would get all the royalties of his albums recorded on Deathrow.
Since Suge was a top member of the Mob Piru Bloods Mafia he could get anybody hit at anytime. Suge and some members of the bloods, who were part of the L.A.P.D. decided that Vegas was the right place to do it but how to get 2pac in Vegas was the problem.So he decided that the only way he could get 2pac hit was to manage to convice him to come with him to watch a boxing match of 2pac's favourite boxer in Las Vegas. 2pac had other plans to go somewhere else but Suge managed to convince him to go to Vegas.
But 2pac was left with a question mark in his why does Suge want to take me along. Suge not knowing that one of the members of his mafia, who was also an L.A.P.D. agent had known 2pac way before he was on deathrow. This member feeling guilty about Suge's intentions to take 2pac out, told 2pac about Suge's intentions. This guy told 2pac not to worry since he had come up with a plan that would change things forever.

On the night of Friday the seventh of September just before the boxing match Suge had not arrived at venue and this was beginning to anger 2pac. Meanwhile Suge was intentinally delaying, he was at an undisclosed location with some members of his mafia formulating their hit plan for that night.

Suge arrived at the scene but if you looked at his face at this particular moment in time,you could tell something was wrong. He had a crew of thuggish looking accomplices all around him who looked like they could shoot anybody at anytime. Asked by 2pac why he had all these thugs around he replied for security reasons with a low voice.
After the fight was over there was an after party ,to celebrate Tyson's victory,at Suge's club. Suge told 2pac to go remove his vest, change his clothes and jump into something comfortable.
When 2pac was up in hotel room with Kadida he received a call. This call was from L.A.P.D. agent who was part of the MOB Piru Bloods. He told him that the plan Suge and his crew had come up with was that Suge would get Pac to remove his vest, drive in Suge's B.M.W. without anybody else(with 2pac on the passenger side) and get him hit from the right side of the car. 2pac heard the message loud and clear. Since this agent and 2pac had come up with a counter plan six months in advance.This plan or everything that happened that night can be heard on the track Ballad of a Dead Soulja in the second verse:
Completely lost
revenge at all costs
pay backs a bitch
switch now the tricks crossed
[Biggie's death]

tossed up and never to be heard of
[disappear & fake his death for security reasons]
a single witness screaming bloody murder, murder
blast tell me homey what ya see now
a blind man and a dead body
[blast the shots that were fired
[the blind man "Suge" couldn't see that he had just been tricked and nobody was shot]

I'm meant to leave town
[undisclosed location for security reasons]

And get my cash though
Hook up wit Kastro
[It was planned that Kastro was the one who was supposed to be the one who was shot but they changed it to Kadafi since his life was in danger (because he was the only witness to testify). so they also faked his death.

Homey had to blast on the task force
Stupid coppers tried to play us out
'remember that
they took my money and my stash
time to get it them back
[an incident that took place before his supposed death]
I pull my secret arrival
[his secret return to the scene, (remember Jesus shall return as a thief) nobody shall know he has come back]

two glock four-fives time for survival
death to my rivals
[anybody who opposes his so called reincarnation shall die]

tell me what you want lord?
Nobody left after the death of a drug lord
[niggaz starting to disappear from the rap game]

then hear the ballad of a dead souja
[word on the street is that some rappers were told his alive and that why they many people mentionig his name in their music]

- bnash232006

I give up, I declare you the KING or QUEEN of useless information, and of long thread responses w/BOLD statements - blunative

Thats how you want to look at it because you simply dont understand it. Many people simply reject things because they simply cannot understand it. I used the bold so you could see the words that were supposed to stand out, but I guess you didnt understand that either, either way I go by research and evidence and not speculation like many have done in the past with the fake dates and such.

The highest form of ignorance is for someone to reject something they know nothing about thus it is impairitive we all do research on things we want to discuss upon and not just pick and chose research but a full unbiased study to come up with valid answers to the questions to draw up the most accurate conclusion possible. I present the evidence to those who want to hear the evidence, not for a single individual as the world is full of diverse people who all have different interest and abilities. - bnash232006

Oh God,  I hope you are a troll.. if not, then you need help...

But in short, PPl don't don't believe what they don't see, and you look past the mirrors. ...big words don't make you sound smarter.
NO DISrespect at all, it's cool that you still want to believe that 2pac walks among us in this world, waiting to make his comeback. But in my opinion, he won't...we shall continue this discussion later, if you so choose to respond...I got somewhere to go. payce. - blunative

Rap Superstar 2Pac will not be coming back in 2014
when 2014 comes around it will get changed to 2pac coming back 2015
every year 2pac is coming back lol - NiCo The Lino0o

Wrong about what? I told you I will take no part in anymore of your bullshit. I have told you the June 13, 2014 date is located within the All Eyez On Me album booklet as well as in the barcode of one of the Makaveli releases. So regardless of what you think about youtube or anything else is irrelevant to the evidence left behind by 2Pac and company.

Nowhere did I say anything about bomb1st or any forum saying any dates at all rather PEOPLE period created these dates through speculation based on no facts rather they were based on their own personal opinions.

Please stop attemping to troll me with your nonsense and as I said before simply do real research as you are getting nowhere very fast. I suggest you buy every All Eyez On Me album and Makaveli album release to locate the June 13, 2014 date or to simply prove to yourself and to the world that the June 13, 2014 date is not found within it and until you do that your opinion is simply an opinion and not proof.

The information in the All Eyez On Me album booklet and the Makaveli album barcode has been pointed out and proven but only someone who doesnt have all the material in quesiton or never personally never owned or went through the material wouldnt know this information for sure thus I suggest you to buy every various version of All Eyez On Me and Makaveli to prove your point but as I stated before the June 13, 2014 date is in fact within the All Eyez On Me album booklet and the Makaveli album barcode of one of the various releases. - bnash232006


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2Pac Shakur is Alive!! (BEST VIDEO) NEW 2013!



2pac is alive proof LAST PICTURE FAKE!!! RETURN IN 2014

- bnash232006

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didnt read, but are there still people who believe he's comin back? lolsmh