Author Topic: WTF The truth finally revealed!!!!!!!????????????? BY BNASH  (Read 103 times)


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WTF The truth finally revealed!!!!!!!????????????? BY BNASH
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Yes, the real Jews are the American black people as they fled to Egypt long ago to escape the persecusion of the Romans and from Egypt they were sold by the real Africans to the grecians aka the Greeks which are the modern day white people.

The information is in the main history book of this world that we know as the King James Version of The Holy Bible and 2Pac talked about all of these lost tribes aka the lost 12 tribes of the jewish peopl who were scattered throughout the world.

Here is a video that shows Pac talking abotu the Lost Tribes and also the video exposes how the Illuminati control people who have descended from the lost Jew tribes who were brought to America.

The part in this video where the guy talks about Michael Jackson being a hybrid because of the black eyes is not true as I just lookeat the actual video just now ann Michael Jacksons eyes are i fact normal as where the guy paused it Michael Jacksons head was being jilted forward quickly and a portion of the fedora hat is what is making his eyes black.

Tupac on Lost tribes and illuminati + Satanic Reptilian Celebrities

The Negro Is Not African

Attention!!! Black People Are The Real Jews? Not Africans?

In the end spreading the truth always pays off instead of spreading misinformation/disinformation propaganda as that only aides the corrupt in this world rather we should strive to help educate and better the human race as 2Pac did himself at all costs so we can be elevated out of the position that we are all stuck in right now in this oppressive world - BNASH


Re: WTF The truth finally revealed!!!!!!!????????????? BY BNASH
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close, but naah.....moses was a sand nigga