Author Topic: Convo with a fine ass girl I like...Judaism + Christianaty  (Read 68 times)


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Convo with a fine ass girl I like...Judaism + Christianaty
« on: March 17, 2003, 10:59:23 PM »
Here's part of a convo I had with this black Christian girl I've been diggin' for a while now...I need some advice from some of ya'll, and I need an opinion on the whole situation...Holla Back...and here's the convo...

 Babydiva:  i cannot hook up with anyone
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  who u tryna hook up wit?
 Babydiva:  i just realized that
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  who u tryna hook up with...tell me and ill help u
 Babydiva:  i wanted to get with u but i can't
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  yes u
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  well, i know why u cant
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  cuz of ure so called friends
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  they holdin u back...i know, huh?
 Babydiva:  no she wouldn't find out  
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  than why cant u?
 Babydiva:  but there's something else
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  tell me
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  lol...aiight than
 Babydiva:  stop talkin like that
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  talkin like a nigga?
 Babydiva:  no
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  lol, like what?
 Babydiva:  i dunno
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  lol
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  ok
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  i dont even know what i want right now...
 Babydiva:  not me
 Babydiva:  at least
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  maybe...i dunno
 Babydiva:   :P
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:   ;)
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  u horny, huh?
 Babydiva:  no
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  lol...well, ure not like Shani, thats for sure
 Babydiva:  wut makes u think that
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  i dunno, Shani was horny 24/7 and i thought maybe you were like her
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  but yea...
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  guess not
 Babydiva:  is it bad that i'm not horny?
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  naah, but i like horny girls though...haha
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  i dunno though...ure like a good girl
 Babydiva:  yes i am
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  thats good though
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  stay that way
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  as long as you stay real
 Babydiva:  believe me if u get horny girls all the time u'll get tired
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  i know...
 Babydiva:  it gets played out
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  word...but most girls aren’t agressive
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  i like the agressive type
 Babydiva:  i am
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  yea, thats coo
 Babydiva:  i told you how i felt
 Babydiva:  so it's not like i ain't real
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  yea, i know ure real
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  im pretty good at separating the real from the fake
 Babydiva:  lol  
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  ure not a virgin are u?
 Babydiva:  i'm a virgin
 Babydiva:  but i've done clean hook ups
 Babydiva:  u kno?!
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  yea!!
 Babydiva:  r u a virgin
 Babydiva:  ?
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  yes, Im a virging
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  *virgin
 Babydiva:  damn  
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  why damn? thats bad?
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  lol
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  i coulda had sex, but i didnt
 Babydiva:  i've told u how big of a turn on that is haven't i?
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  naah
 Babydiva:  well it is
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  thats pretty coo
 Babydiva:  dang i have a lot of hw
 Babydiva:  but i ain't leavin yet
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  yea
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  I have a game right now
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  so I gotta go
 Babydiva:  hey u play instruments rite?
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  yea
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  all instruments
 Babydiva:  game?
 Babydiva:  really
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  a basketball game
 Babydiva:  hold on
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  k
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  sup?
 Babydiva:  dude ur like a perfect guy for me
 Babydiva:  but ur jewish that's all
 Babydiva:  if u were christian
 Babydiva:  i'd be in ur arms rite now
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  lol
 Babydiva:  can't u convert?
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  whats the difference?
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  Christianity is a twisted version ofJudaism
 Babydiva:  yea
 Babydiva:  i guess
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  The New Testament is taken from the Old testament
 Babydiva:  but u can convert if u want  ;D
 Babydiva:  plz
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  lol...i cant...sorry...
 Babydiva:  llol
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  but i dont see what religion has to do with anything
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  i guess it does
 Babydiva:  dude ur bomb
 Babydiva:  ur really perfect
 Babydiva:  but i'll ttyl
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  thanks
 Babydiva:  :-)

 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  ill talk to u later...if i convert
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  LoL
 Babydiva:  lol
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  wish me luck tho
 Babydiva:  good luck hun  :-*
 Babydiva:  take care
 Babydiva:  do u have to go tho
 Babydiva:  ditch b-ball for me  
 Babydiva:  lol
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  u can call me after my game
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  9:30
 Babydiva:  i'll prolly bedoin hw
 Babydiva:  then i'll sleep
 Babydiva:  but ttyl
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  damn...well, i guess ill talk to u later than...sorry
 DEEEEzzzz NuTz:  cya later babe



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Re:Convo with a fine ass girl I like...Judaism + Christianaty
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2003, 09:56:27 PM »
You're gonna have to be real about it like you said.  If you want to be a jew, like you seem to, then you have to be a Jew, you know? lol.  A Jew's not gonna marry a christian.  You know deep down, that if Judaism is important to you, enough that you won't convert at a girl's whim, then you should know that it's important to you that your girl or wife or whoever be a jew too.  That's a tenant of Judaism.  

On the other hand, if you don't feel that strongly about your religion, strongly enough that you don't mind breaking it's principle and dating or marrying out of the faith, then why hang onto Judaism anyways?  You're already going against your beliefs by dating a non-jewish girl.  

So you need to decide which way you want to go.  I'd say you probably don't want the girl, because I think you really believe in Judaism.  Peace~


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Re:Convo with a fine ass girl I like...Judaism + Christianaty
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2003, 10:16:09 PM »
forget it man... I mean if you're in it to fuck her, then keep on flirtin, and hope she'll eventually crack (even tho it ain't likely  :-\). But don't expect her to choose you over her religion. The consequences would be devastating if she chose to be with a Jew (this is for long-term). Christian families get so much more involved and shit. My friend was dating a Jew... and his parents were warning him not to get serious with her, or else they'd make him regret it.

Just forget it, man... save yourself the heartbreak. I've seen this pattern before, and it never has a happy ending