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Thoughts on Iraq
« on: March 18, 2003, 08:09:53 AM »

   Hello, although I’m known in the key style forum many of you may have no idea who I am. I am a seventeen year old student and I’ve been researching Iraq being because it’s a very hot topic right now, as we all know. I decided to educate myself so that I wasn’t so ignorant. I’ve read several books and seen several movies on the issues in Iraq. But my interested really grew when I seen a cold war movie which showed the extreme oppression sadam hussan had forced upon his civilians. I’ve learned from the information that I obtained, that in fact saddams people have tried to overthrow him, his influence on his people now has grown since the cold war. There were two major uprising’s in 1991 and the second was the largest. We had signed a cease fire agreement, and the media portrayed that we had won the war, when in fact it was another stalemate. Many of the United States officials at the time believe that if we had supported the second rebellion saddam would no longer rule Iraq. But instead we but a distrust into the people. Bush stated this while playing golf shortly after the cease fire agreement was signed. “ Are young men were courageous, we don’t want to send them into a war that has been going on for years”. Now Bush’s son must encounter the same terrorist leader because of his fathers mistakes. I personally believe if we had the right person in office saddam would no longer be a threat. Maybe its because Im a ignorant asshole American, but I think that we should forget bombing Iraq, because Russia did for decades and most cities are rubble and look were its gotten us? I feel we should send in ground forces and help the rebels defeat and overthrow saddam once and for all. But then a question pops up. Were do we find the bastard? Well since common people like me and you are completely blocked from any knowledge like that, we don’t really. But I feel that its very possible that we could find this bastard and end his sorry existence. America should act now and not wait like it did in the past, saddam is just like Hitler. He’s buying time to arm himself for  victory. But its his courage that gives his people hope, its his stupidity to stand up against  the greatest nation in the world that makes his people think highly of them. I feel that we should fucking destroy ANY and ALL of those followers, they should be all burned like the people in 9/11. No mercy should be are new policy, and no sympathy for followers. Tell the people now to get the fuck out, or else they burn with there rubble. Only his followers would stay, and then the innocent people for the most part wont die. If we have the money to organize a democratic reformation in Iraq after saddams downfall then we can pretty much assume we can provide care for the Iraq people until this bastard is executed publicly  on tv in front of the world too show just exactly what we do to people who want to inflict harm on people.

   I often think what the fuck is going on in Saddams brain, he’s got some issues. I heard that he admires Stalin because of the way he governed his people. He’s a sick fuck that deservers tortures far beyond castration. And further more all his followers should be put to rest.  As I watched the movie I witness Americas concerned with themselves more then there concern with Iraq once oil was coming back steady in the 90’s and certain objectives in Kuwait and Iraq were met the government stopped caring. Stating they valued American lives too much, and that’s where saddam has the upper hand. This may sound contradicting but we may possibly hold value of life too highly, saddam sees this as a weakness im sure.

 I know this isn’t organized very well but I just wanted to put some thoughts up,  I didn’t have the time nor engery to fully describe my feelings about the situation and provide exact details and facts, nevertheless just drop me some feedback and some of your feelings if you feel you would like to do so. I would like to also note that I know that some of the points I made were obvious such as the point about how crazy saddam is.
This is assassin signing off……………..

ITW [the irish boy]

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Re:Thoughts on Iraq
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2003, 10:05:44 AM »
At the start, your post was respectable, then it lost all that.

You say you should torture saddam and murder all his followers. Now I agree with overthrowing saddam, i agree hes evil, but that jsut sounds purely imperialistic. What gives you the right to murder his followers? They are humans just like you, they are as brainwashed as you could be. They believe the same about saddam as you do about bush. They think he may have made some mistakes and killed some people but it was for the good of the country. They wont of heard of the atrocities in other parts of their country as you probably havent heard of cambodia south america etc. Im not saying bush is as fundamently evil as saddam, but his people dont know that.

I am totally opposed to this war. It is total hypocrisy. Bush and Blair come to Ireland preaching violence solves nothing, do everything by due process, dont retaliate. Then they go against the UN to inflict violence on an already suffering country. My prayers are with the iraqi soldiers and civilians. Their only hope is to inflict huge american casulties causing them to back down, but they will die either way, surrender or not. God help them.

This war is wrong. Think about what has happened in BUshs first half office. World economy is fucked up, his home economy is fucked up, he has effectively wrecked the UN, the EU is split down the middle and now  he is going against the UN and all major churches in launching what he thinks is a moral war. If Iraq does have WMD, saddam will only use them if bush decides to attack. God help us all.


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Re:Thoughts on Iraq
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2003, 09:35:38 PM »
^^ So, you pray for the Iraqi Soldiers, but have no thoughts for the American, British, or Australian soldiers? Screw you, asshole.  Then you have the audacity to say the only hope is to kill tons of Americans.  Are you f*cking stupid?  All they have to do is give up, and nobody will even be killed! Get your head out of your ass.  

Assasain, I'm glad to see your anger is properly placed against the real bad guy here, Saadam.  I don't agree with the torture, kill everybody mentality, but at least you see the true picture here.  People that are forever opposed to war, like the jerk that replied to you, aren't realists.  Sometimes war unfortunately is necessary.  It's either war now, or war later, but we need to rid the world of Saadam before he gets any more powerful.  Your assesment of Pres. Bush's original mistake is correct, I think, we should have taken care of him the first time.  


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Re:Thoughts on Iraq
« Reply #3 on: March 18, 2003, 09:42:15 PM »
Good post @ssassin. ITW, you sounded completely fucked up there man.

P.S. I don't agree we should torture Iraqis.


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Re:Thoughts on Iraq
« Reply #4 on: March 18, 2003, 11:55:30 PM »
ITW...What's your problem?

Jay ay Beee

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Re:Thoughts on Iraq
« Reply #5 on: March 20, 2003, 07:43:27 PM »

I believe that this war is wrong.  But it is now happening.  And we now have to pray that we have a quick victory, with as small as possible loss of life on both sides including civilian.
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