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Life Won't Wait
« on: March 06, 2014, 07:20:16 PM »
Its been damn near 8 years since I last posted on here, and I dont expect nobody to acknowledge me or respect me, depending on who actually reads this shit, (unless some of the old cats i used to know are still frequenting this side of the forum haha) but I figured I'd drop some verses, since im in need of some feedback. so whatever yall got, go ahead, hit me with it! i appreciate constructive feedback!

life waits for no man, yeah, i know that now
too many times spent lazy but thats over now
time to do what i crave, and never second guess 
time to say what i feel, without a heavy chest
bout what feels right, and what could go wrong
if its worth a try, do it and just move along
keep an eye on ya future though and look beyond
and if it turns out it aint, time to move on
deep inside we all searchin for a sacred place
but for some what they found feels like a waste of space
some just need direction move at a safer pace
but in order to rearrange gotta make a change
our own righteous path one day we all will find
just gotta take it as it comes with a constant smile
some have paid their dues and have done their time
some have yet to lace their boots up and walk a mile


and if you feel like you're missin out
I'll give you somethin you can think about
and if you feel like you're goin wrong
and you're fightin for a hopeless cause
and if you feel like you're missin out
I'll give you somethin you can think about
life waits for no man... yeah thats right
but it is what it is homie thats life

if you wanna take a stab at somethin break a leg
and change ya sheets if you dont like how you made ya bed
dont get trapped in an hourglass and chase the sand
its what you do and not say that really makes a man
take a stand for anything you feel strong about
and if you got somethin to say to someone, talk it out!
cherish the ones that you cant get along without
but if you're ever held back, better u drop em now
and if you're handed a key to somethin, then dont lose it
and if you know its the wrong choice, then dont choose it
if you're facin a gate, brace up and blow through it
and if it scares you, then go do it!....
and if you truly love somebody, then just let em know
but if it wasnt meant to be, u need to let em go
it aint always fair, but dont waste a second though
cuz life wont wait for you, tell em yo...

hook... repeat...

thanks yall!
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Re: Life Won't Wait
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2014, 12:19:23 AM »
Love the opening few lines of the second verse.  It seems to stand out from your first verse.  In your first verse it rhymes "now" twice, but I know you know how to flip it so it can work just fine on record...

...and mufuckaz better be rekognizing, I should post up that video you made because that was some highly professional work ya'll did for that track and video. 

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