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Re:What Matters more??
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What a stupid question.  The world community is on the side of the citizens of Iraq.  America had to bribe every country that is supporting them.  Peace.

Yes, and the opinion of the Iraqi people is this: Saddam must go. How many more must die before the Muslim world wakes from its hypocritical stupor and realizes a war on Saddam is not a war on Islam? How many more Iraqis must cheer the US/Brtish Coalition as it goes through their towns, liberating them from their true oppressor?

Blair WILL NOT allow Iraq to become a satellite. Afghanistan has been left as an independent state, and it is improving. The oil there would have been easier to snaffle, and there is almost as much as in Iraq. So, this war is not about oil. (Also, see Trauma's stats on the issue)