Author Topic: How is it possible that Jimmy Henchman & Haitian Jack are still alive?  (Read 271 times)


It's amazing to me that no Pac fan has ever took it upon himself to merk either of these two bitch-made niggas. It is now crystal clear that they orchestrated the rape charge and arranged for Pac to be robbed/shot at Quad studios.

Everybody rides for Pac when Funk Flex disses him, but no Pac affiliate or Pac fan ever took out the two people who really fucked with his life.
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What are you waiting for mobnigga blast on those bustaz


Like Billy The Kidd said "I'll make you famous".  Go get them and you will be on the news.

Hack Wilson - real

both are street guys

they've got connects


both are street guys turned feds

they've got connects

fixed  8)


Because anyone really down to kill someone is probably busy handling their own business with people of greater priority to the point where they probably don't give enough of a shit to knock off two guys who set up Pac 20 years ago.  Stop being a clown.