Author Topic: I DESPERATELY need to renew my faith in Obama. (very srs)  (Read 89 times)


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Since 2012 I kept blaming Obama for all the bad things that were going on in my life. I hated that I was the older medical student and seeing younger medical students and thinking about how these guys will be 27-28 and start residency. I won't be starting residency till 30. It pains me for the mistakes which I made when I was younger. I'm having such a difficult time of letting go of the past. I want to "talk to Obama". I did this during the time when my ex-gf broke up with me, and IMMEDIATELY felt better.

I'm supposed to be Hindu/Jain, but I don't really follow any specific religion. Just believe a higher power is present. I'm glad and fortunate that my parents and brother are doing good, they're healthy, and everything else in life. However, not having a gf, not seeing the light at the end of tunnel, is just killing me. I want to "talk to Obama" to have him give me the strength on getting through this emotional downfall.

Where should I start for this?


Re: I DESPERATELY need to renew my faith in Obama. (very srs)
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I see