Author Topic: U.S.A Trip advise (Part 4) Seattle 18Jun-18Jul!  (Read 527 times)


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Re: U.S.A Trip advise (Part 4) Seattle 18Jun-18Jul!
« Reply #30 on: May 07, 2014, 05:46:29 AM »
just looking out of place and like you have something someone would wanna take
Great then! I look so poor that people might give me something instead.  :P

u can tell da gringos don be noing shit foo u canot walk by yurself in south central if yur a puto becoz da real gz gona fuck you up joto
Sorry man, can you type english instead?  ::)


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Re: U.S.A Trip advise (Part 4) Seattle 18Jun-18Jul!
« Reply #31 on: May 08, 2014, 01:11:40 PM »
Iím not going to lie and say I havenít done most of what youíre looking to do on the West Coast (i.e. Hood Tours). But then again I live there, so Iíve had plenty of time to do everything else better first.

To pay money and spend your first trip in the US in a bunch neighborhood referenced in Hip Hop song is just a complete waste of your time and money. The West Coast has way too much more to offer then Compton and Nate Dogg/Eazy-Eís grave. If youíve done most of So Cal already, then Iíd say go for it. But seriously man, save your money for a real vacation.

Also Iíll throw in, donít listen the horror stories. Most of these people (not all, donít nobody go and catch feelings) have never set foot in LA, Compton, Long Beach, ectÖ These neighborhoods arenít that bad. No worse than any other big city. You only have to worry if you're a fucking idiot mouthing off. But that can be said for the safest cities too.

of course theyre not like menace 2 society but just because youve been through there a couple times without any problems doesnt mean theyre not that bad of neighborhoods. drugs and unemployment are high and if you look like a victim theres a chance someone will do something to you

You can keep that lame you've only been through a couple times bs to yourself, I donít know you. I'm giving the kid a real response to his questions. Like I said, as long as youíre not an idiot you'll be fine. You put yourself in a bad spot, bad things can and will happen. All cities have bad neighborhoods with drugs and high unemployment. Itís just Compton was glorified, so people think itís worse than it is.

already tried telling dude to not waste time going to these pointless places. lol, DPG all of them were my childhood favorites, but nothing compelled me to go to nate doggs grave, not even when im in long beach, if it was a block away or across the street then yeah.

otherwise no. lol. so many dope places you can go, unique bars/lounges in santa monica and hollywood, the pier, old town pasadena, couple places in downtown, nightlife in koreatown, venice, sunset. all the tourists spots and plus all the local spots we only know about.

i mean there so much you can take advantage of since theres a bunch of us LA heads here. instead, you want to see bullshit. to each their own, but come on, its a waste of complete time, nothing is going to WOW you. up in compton

but i do say in compton is usually the only places where i would find grey houseshoes  :laugh:

oh yeah, well since ur going to be in compton anyways go to bludsoes BBQ (they have another off branch in west hollywood, which is restaurant style and much nicer). Avoid any type of tams burger, and hey try church's chicken, cajun style.

yeah just dont stay out there after dark, i personally dont know how bad it is in compton per say, i was only there at night when i was leaving a customer's place. i just see a shit load of diseased infested whores along longbeach blvd (its kinda like sepulveda in the valley, a row of motels and whores)

but  from my experience in canoga, pacoima, and van nuys, and which im sure its similar to compton and such, just dont be there after dark, whether its crackheads or armed adolescents you dont want to be in that predicament.

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