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Global Assault video reel 1992
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1 Ice Cube "Be true to the game"
2 Shante "dance to this"
3 Bushwick Bill "Ever so clear"
4 Live Squad  "Heartless"  (the 2nd version)
5 Compton's Most Wanted "Hood took me under"
6 Mc Lyte "ice cream dream"
7 Bass Patroll "kings of bass"
8 DJ Laz "Latin rhythum"
9 Chubb Rock "Lust in my mind"
10 Double XX Posse  "not gonna be able to do it"
11 Underground Kingz  (U.G.K.)  "Somethin good"
12 Willie D "The clean up man"
13 May Day "When i enter his mind"

VHS is used but in great shape.  one million dollars OBO.