Author Topic: Dr. Dre's Son -- My Billionaire Dad's Not Sharing ... And I'm Cool With It  (Read 635 times)


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I love the thread title. The words "My billionaire dad's not sharing...and I'm cool with it" was not said lol.

Anyway, are they close?

Hack Wilson - real

he's one of Dre's many bastard children....but if he's got a good relationship with him now that's cool.


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Looks like he's dating a Mexican chick ha. Getting that home cooking. Probably not, these bitches now a days cant cook nothing but a sammich. Oh yeah and his homie is a white dude ha.
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Sounds like TMZ dude is trying to start problems where there aren't none. Hood Surgeon seems happy for his pops and wanting to be his own man. What an odd situation for a grown man in America to not want to sponge off his wealthy father.

One thing you can tell from this interview.  No way Dre could claim that kid ain't his.  Spitting fucking image.