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 ::) Alright let me clear this up for you all

There are 2 version of the Remix

One real official version - One Blend (made by some DJ somewhere)

Real (Official Version)- 50 talks about how this a Justin Timberlake remix...and at the end he trashes Britney Spears ;D shit is funny
here are the 50 lyrics in this track
Yeah, Supposed to have a remix
That's how you make one hit record then two (ha ha ha)
Fity Cent
I remember when you used to love me, when you used to kiss and hug me
I look into your eyes, and get lost for a day
Your love is what you told me all that time I let you hold me
How I ain't feelin you slip away
50 Cent
If you know what I know I know you know
You ain' gotta say a word
It' done in the dark it comes to life
I' feelin like kickin you to da curb
Your smile all up in my face
Girl you gotta lot of nerve
Situation so obsered
You ain't special, you's a bird
Cut yo shit and hit the door
You ain't welcome here no more
Ain't no sense, seen you cry
Girl you know I know you lied
You's take me fo a fool
Thinkin ima stay wit you
First gimmie back my jewels, bitch I ain't playin wit you
.(at the end)
[50 Cent] with Chorus background music
Go ahead
Yeah let her go ahead and cry
Long Cry
Go Ahead and cry
Mess Up your mascara and all that bull
un-expensive make up
50 Cent, Justin Timberlake remix, ya heard
Cry Me A River (Ha Ha Ha)

Blend version- 50's verses ripped from another 50 tracks is put in that fits the Cry Me a River theme

They both good remixes....but 50 trashing Britney is the best
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