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Common misconceptions of anti-war activists
« on: March 31, 2003, 06:33:46 PM »
Let's be real about a couple of things.

Anti-war activists always claim that the US government is falsifying evidence to link Al-Queda to Iraq.  Well, yes, it is true that Osama never liked Sadaam Hussien.  But it is also true that Al-Queda's network was of the people, and therefore anyone from any country could have direct involvement.  They were willing to take help from anyone, irrespective of whether or not they were a government official.  Al-Queda just means, "the base".  Bin Laden recieved a fatwa from a high-ranking Muslim scholar during the first gulf war, stating that America's involvement in Arab lands was exploitative, and the fatwa sanctioned the use of force to drive America out.  Therefore anyone who takes part in this movement to drive America off of Arab soil can be considered Al-Queda.  And I'm sure there were many Iraqi's who took part in Osama's camps and other Al-Queda sponsored activism.

The second misconception is that the CIA and even Ronald Reagen used to be partners with Bin Laden.  This is also highly doubtful.  Since the early 80's Osama has been very clear in stating that America was an open foe to the Muslim world.  Infact, this got him into big trouble with the government of Saudi Arabia.  Both the Saudi's and the US have planned numerous assasination attempts on Bin Laden for many years.  Maybe the Taliban recieved some help from America to drive out the Soviets but even this is doubtful.

Btw, another misconception is that Osama studied at colleges in America.  This is laughable.  

Take it how you want to, but I think these facts are obvious.
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Re:Common misconceptions of anti-war activists
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US didn't help in Afghanistan? I guess the Mujahideen found those stinger missiles, Sherman tanks and such, in the basement?

And Osama studied in Europe, not America, as you said.