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Re: Napoleon - Have Mercy (Produced by Johnny J)
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lol this stuff is not rare or is it my stuff i just post stuff for people here who may have missed out on that stuff
my issue was with @Mitwhatever0 with that shitty Napoleon album oh look its my bootleg from 2004 maybe i give ya a sampler in 3 years blah blah blah fast forward then u start shit

Your delusional dude - you come here, diss people for no apparent reason and just continue to talk more shit while making up ridiculous stuff.

I only said it's cool people are still bumping my old bootleg cause it's been 10 years since I made it - that's it. I never said nothing about giving "a sampler in 3 years" - so quit making up fantasy stories.

It is up to me to post something or not so back the fuck up and shut the fuck up if you ain't got shit to say.

u can take that wack ass Napoleon and any other wack ass old bullshit and stick it up your ass nobody gives a fuck
maybe where ur at time has finally caught up to 1996 its 2014 where im at bitch

then get the fuck outta here with your bullshit chump.

ur the one on some bullshit leading these people on with your wacklawz and what not :D


Re: Napoleon - Have Mercy (Produced by Johnny J)
« Reply #76 on: October 28, 2014, 09:16:37 AM »
I probably speak for a few on here. I am now grown, with a family, as I'm sure 'others' are too, so I don't have much thought or care for 'net props' and have uploaded a number of tracks if I have came across them.

The problem is that people comment as if you have the material readily available on your current hard drive ready to upload and are somehow 'sitting' on it. Taking away some of the stuff from 2004 and upwards, a lot of the earlier stuff obtained from years like 99 came in the form of CD-R, had to be played on a bucket computer that had a 10-20GB storage capacity so all the audio had to be saved on CD to backup, some of which were only RA files, which had to be converted to get on audio CD (which takes time, and quality loss) and this was like 15 years ago. I have been in 3 different properties since then, went through several different computers / laptops, lost stuff, broken stuff, thrown things out. I had boxes of DVD's i simply threw out at local landfill simply because the birth of my daughter and having the room vacant for her was a priority more than a bunch of movie discs that would never be watched again.
I work full time, so the free time I do have is occupied with family, days out, and general DIY so I don't particularly find dedicating an entire WEEK to go through boxes of blank CD's simply to please someone on the internet, who would likely be ungrateful in the end anyway a big priority. And that is the real truth. I know why most say nothing, and why some tend to avoid giving anything away. The final nail in the coffin for me though had to be a good few years back around 2007 / 2008 was when I uploaded some Realest tracks from a constant demander, and though I had went out of my way, with the response I got, I could tell that it wasn't really appreciated, all because there were only around 2 previously unheard tracks from the bunch that I had uploaded for him. This was due to the previous release of the DR Dayz bootlegs, which meant that other ones in the bunch had already been 'leaked' and heard by this guy, so they weren't really appreciated with a "is that it" kind of manner "only 2 unheards", but they were on the disc along with the rest so they simply got uploaded in one full swoop.

So point is, that it's not really in anyone's interest to go scouring through for material that A) Isn't even that good, and 2) probably won't be in the place you think it will be in and C) won't even be appreciated because there will be a demand to get more
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