Author Topic: NYPD Officer Who Fatally Choked Eric Garner Wasn't Indicted, Man Who Filmed Was  (Read 1131 times)


nothing he did outside of being obese put his life at risk, and that should be on his own terms...the way he was talking to the cop should in no way have put his life at risk, he was even bein polite "i didnt do nothing officer", callin the cop officer n shit lol. they didnt do a very good job of detaining him, and it's pretty obvious to see when u dont have an agenda.

what's my agenda?  What do I have to gain from supporting the police.  Most of the people I'm friends with all disagree with me.  So what is my agenda?'s more than being obese, this dude had asthma and heart conditions.  I would behave more carefully if I really wanted to preserve myself and not end up dead.

nothing he did called for bein choked out like the video and use normal human judgement. there were other ways to go about it, and chokin him like that was uncalled for. stop supporting evil homie.