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6 year old girl committs suicide
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    She was a "happy-go-lucky" and "normal" child, said her grandmother, Mary Lee Broadus, 45. Kendrea's spunky and bubbly personality earned her the nickname "Ziggy."

    But her behavior changed when she was placed in foster care in December 2013 after her mother was accused of abusing drugs, records show. Broadus had custody of her before she bounced around different homes.

    Deputy Chief Mark Bruley from Brooklyn Park Police Department told the Star Tribune that ultimately investigators agreed with the medical examiner that such an act was ‘outside what a normal six-year-old could think about.’

    Kendrea had suicidal thoughts almost every day and underwent behavior therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and anger, the Tribune reported. She felt guilty, unlovable and unacceptable.

    At school, the girl drew pictures of a child hanging from a rope, according to records. Police found healed ligature marks on her neck, possibly indicating she had tried to hang herself before.

    According to the records, police also discovered healed ligature marks on the sides of her neck.

    The youngster’s behaviour reportedly changed in care and one foster mother said the child had wanted to end her life by jumping out of a window and drew pictures at school of a child hanging from a rope
    A note on the floor written in purple marker said, "I'm sorry." Another note read, "I'm sad for what I do."