Author Topic: Some insight on the type of women that don't give straight answers  (Read 387 times)

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-I've been researching this topic for a lot of years.  Wanted to share some insight.  I mean, there are all types of women... but for this, I want to do a little character sketch on pretty, smart, and relatively high morals kind of women who don't tend to give straight answers.

-The reason I said pretty is just to say that they are attractive, because that probably allows them a little more room to be evasive and get away with it.  If a woman doesn't find herself attractive she might not feel she has the luxury to be evasive in the first place.

-The reason I say smart is because there is some thought behind them not giving straight answers.  If the woman were dumb, of course you could probably just write her off as being a fuccin idiot and that would explain such things...

-I say high morals, because of course your going to have women that don't give straight answers because they are messing around with all types of men and so it is better for them to be evasive because maybe they want to hide what they are up to...

-Okay, so now that we are clear what type of women we are talking about.  I will continue...

-Simply put, they don't give straight answers because they don't know the real answer.  Scary concept, huh?  Especially for a guy who does know what he wants, and has strong emotions this could be a hard concept to grasp.  It might even lead a guy to try to press the issue, force a decision whether negative or positive... but as Eve was made from the crooked part of the rib if you try to straighten such a women she will snap and break and that will be the end of things.


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Re: Some insight on the type of women that don't give straight answers
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heres your simple answer:

women need a man to lead the way



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Re: Some insight on the type of women that don't give straight answers
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you must be like all of 15right?
you just a baby....
if you met a real woman, she would tell you to take your corny shit and shove it where the sun dont shine...
thats pretty straight out...
then youd call her a butch for not acting all meek and flirty and shit....
get a grip on something other than your dick... please...
pretty please, with sugar on top...