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Re: Snoop Dogg - Bush (Discussion Thread)
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I bought the album and have jammed it a few times at home and in the car, and I have to admit, I'm really enjoying it. 
It has a great groovy vibe from beginning to end, is easy to listen to, and is short so doesn't outstay its welcome (unlike every Snoop Dogg album with the exception of Doggystyle and 7 Days of Funk).
I think if you approach the album knowing that it's not a typical Snoop Dogg rap album, then you will like it a lot more.  Also, contrary to what others have said, I don't think there are any tracks that don't seem to fit in.  In fact, this is one of the most cohesive projects Snoop has put together, perhaps even too cohesive considering a couple of the tracks have the same drum loops.
They need to release 'This City' as a single next  8)  I think that has the potential to be a big track.
Bingo, in think you hit the nail on the head. People go into it expecting a typical rap album by Snoop and not taking it for what it is. I think it is a very dope project and I hope him and P do more albums together. At this stage in Snoop's life (close to 50, just became a grandfather) he's not gonna be Murdering the Case anymore so he's gonna do music that feels good to him. I think it's feel good music and I'm diggin it. Of course Snoop's not the best singer but most funk bands didn't have helluva singers (George Clinton or James Brown are not Luther Vandross lol) but they are more like another instrument in the funk. I give Snoop & P props that they were able to try something different in an era where every artist these days are dick riders and copy each other or use the same type sounds and/or producers (how many songs come on saying Mustard on the beat hoe or Mike Will Made It?) and I think they pulled it off.

well said, most in this thread are just close minded and only appreciate what's washed up

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Re: Snoop Dogg - Bush (Discussion Thread)
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i think 'Run Away' would have the most legs as a single to catch on in the mainstream, maybe a slightly shorter edit. i probably would have picked that over 'Peaches N Cream' or 'So Many Pros' to be honest, regardless of my preference.


yeah run away and awake are the 2 skippers for me


Re: Snoop Dogg - Bush (Discussion Thread)
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