Author Topic: unheard 2pac 1995 interview shortly after being released from prison  (Read 308 times)


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Published on Apr 7, 2015
On October 19th, 1995, Tupac Shakur was holed up at Can Am studios in Tarzana, furiously laying down tracks for his soon-to-be hit double-CD, “All Eyez On Me.” Less than a week after Death Row had sprung him from Riker’s Island maximum-security penitentiary on a $1.4 million appellate bond.Tupac Shakur had less than a year to live when he sat down to talk in this interview.
This is the 24-year-old rap artist 1st & unheard post-prison interview.
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Nice find.  New to me.....


old but good for the newbies  :)

Hack Wilson - real

old but good for the newbies  :)

no shit it's old, it's 20 years ago lol

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great find... and great interview.... it's amazing how so many years after his death you can still uncover a Pac video, interview, or song or something you still have heard or seen yet before.   Pac lives

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Great find, never heard this before.


old but good for the newbies  :)

I'm pretty sure this is interview is new to everyone. Maybe a couple snippets were heard on some documentaries, but I doubt this interview in its entirety had been available for a long time.

Some parts of this interview are similar to things Pac said at length in other interviews (like the thing about gangs, "this country was built on gangs.")

Pac's voice sounds a little weird in this interview, like it's been tampered with and slowed down. But maybe the nigga is just high.
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