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Have you seen Robert Burton?
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It’s the seventh day in the search for a Parkman man who is charged with killing his ex-girlfriend. Stephanie Gebo’s body was found in her Parkman home last Friday, June 5. State police are utilizing all resources available as the manhunt continues.

Authorities say 38-year-old Robert Burton is hiding in the woods surrounding Parkman. Right now, police are enlisting the help of forest rangers and wardens to better scan the area for Burton. Phil Pepin, a registered Maine guide at his company, 100 Mile Wilderness in Monson, said police do not have an easy task.

“If you have a basic knowledge of the woods and you can stay dry and stay warm, you can hide out here forever,” said Pepin.


That’s just what officials are afraid of. Burton’s hid in the woods before and it appears he’s not afraid to do it again. In 2002, Burton took refuge in the woods after holding a woman hostage. It took authorities 12 days to find him.

“I think the persistence of the police will eventually take care of him. They’ll eventually find him because somebody’s going to make a mistake. He’s going to come down to a road and somebody is going to spot him,” said Pepin.

State police say Burton is armed and dangerous and, if spotted, you should call police immediately: (207) 973-3700

looks a bit like Willbert Smithsonian 


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Re: Have you seen Robert Burton?
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sometimes u can tell people are scumbags just by lookin at them

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Re: Have you seen Robert Burton?
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he's still on the run