Author Topic: Just got back frmo a lil seminar on IRAQ.....  (Read 74 times)


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Just got back frmo a lil seminar on IRAQ.....
« on: April 10, 2003, 09:41:58 PM »
I was hopeful that there were some lunatic right wing muslim-hating speakers...damn was I hoping  ;D but naaw it was a couple of anti-war faggots...among the things they said, the gulf war and how the US didnt come in until 5 months or whatever, and then they talked about how "SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS" is bring em em back ::) ....then they were talkin more about the vietnam war and how this is exactly similar to that war cuz the Americans are blindly supporting the troops, and the soldiers supposedly dont want to be there, like vietnam... wow what a stupid comparison. ANyway they also talked about how US Sanctions killed more than the atom bombs did in Japan, and how cuz of them Iraq's infant mortality rate DOUBLED...yeah I agree Sanctions were pretty stpid...we shoulda bombed them a decade back ;D Anyway they also rambled on and clowned Bush a little more... so then time came for questions, and let me add that most of da ppl here were anti-war jus like these clowns...half of da ppl dere were muslims too, lol, there were all deez bitches with middleeastern clothing at the end time came for questions, and they were just askin suportive then me n my homies were sick of this shit and simply asked em "How will keeping Sadaam in power promote peace in Iraq??" so OF COURSE they cant say shit to guess what...he says the same BS a faghan like Tech would say..."oh first off, this is not OUR RIGHTFUL DECISION to decide who to liberate and who to remove frmo power" and all that morality bullshit...TOTALLY DODGING THE QUESTION... of yeah did I forget to mention they were also babbling about the US "colonizing" weak nations  ::) and how this war is not really about oil...its about "taking over the middleeast" and jus shit like that

All in all they did show some things US did wrong but even they couldnt reply back to how it is not a good decision to remove Sadaam from power, they just start whining about that old "morality" bullshit like always, nonetheless the seminar wasnt too bad, don't get me wrong cuz Im clownin on em while Im writing this they did bring good points but their basic points are bullshit just like all the anti-war ppl, since good will come out dis war, yes time shall tell  ;)