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Death Row Records Europe info
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Around 2001 Ron Winter Productions had an exclusive European license from Death Row Records US.

They tried to span across the globe with offices in Los Angeles and London.


Plan was once that Winter, along with Snoop Dogg and Dillinger, will oversee the running of the company with legal tasks handled by Bret Lewis and promotion coordinated by BigA. Universal will take on distribution for "New Row"

There was a contract that allowed them to distribute and sell Stuff from the Original US Death Row Catalog in Europe. And they released some "own" Compilations, like some "Best of Works" series with already released Tracks.

Mark never went to the States or Can-Am for the recordings. So all his unreleased Stuff seems to be mixed with other DR Artists. It was planned to sign him for five years to RMG (Ritz Music Group), which Ron Winter was also Chairman.

As far as i know there was another Contract with the UK TOUCH Magazin to spread the CD Album Preview of the Death Row Version from his Innocent Man Album. Full Version was planned to be released in 2002.

The Office was in London. 43-51 Wembley Hill Road,Wembley,Middlesex,   HA9 8AU.

Was there 2 Times and it was a very nice office near Wembley Stadium

It was Ron Winter Productions LTD / Death Row Europe and the old Office became later a Radio Station as far as i know.

There worked about 10-15 People i guess. By the Way...only Artist ever signed to RWP/DR Europe was Mark Morrison and they still own the Copyrights to his unreleased DR Music...

Today Ron Winter Ltd. provides production and distribution services of musical albums of recoding artists. The company has copyrights for albums by Shania Twain, Christine Aguilera, and Bon Jovi. Ron Winter is still based in London, United Kingdom. The new actual Adress is Lynton Road
London,  N8 8SL - Ron Winter is still CEO/President of the Company

Here you can read something about it:

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