Author Topic: Whose nest to go to war with United States?  (Read 1598 times)

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Whose nest to go to war with United States?
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China >Maybe hackers
Russia> Maybe they recently hacked the pentegon e-mail

who who who

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Re: Whose nest to go to war with United States?
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Re: Whose nest to go to war with United States?
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The question should be "who is United States going to want to invade next"

Back in 1999, general Wesley Clark had already stated 7 countries on their 'hit list'. Iran and Syria are the only 2 left from that list. But I think they now know they aren't getting to sell these invasions as well as they did in the past thanks to the access to information many now have, even compared to 2001 - 2005. It's becoming increasingly difficult to manufacture consent to enable the US military to continue its war mongering obsession, which is really just an obsession of obtaining huge sums of money, power and influence. It's an obsession we all have, just theirs is on an entirely different scale. So much money in war and conflict. The defence industry, the military, the stock market players who can buy and sell and more importantly; the corporate banking cartel who loan out billions. Some of the branches are almost immediately installed in an overthrown country to enable them to loan out huge initial sums to a newly installed "leader" so that the country can rebuild / repair its damaged infrastructure, building homes, take on the subsidies to draw in outside help, and have capital injection to kick start the economy. Then of course there's the repayments to allies, supporters and the huge self-growing debt that's inevitable and mathmatically impossible to repay (due to the fractional reserve lending agenda) which leaves an impoverished country that has to depend on its natural resources, minerals, precious metal mines or whatever other wealth exists. It's a clever, but now obvious scheme that's done over and over again. Even more so over the last 15 years in such accelerated fashion that majority don't buy it anymore. Only an idiot would believe the US goes to war for right and noble reasons and for the protection of its 'freedom'. Even through an enhanced media campaign to instil fear and risk to domestic safety, it's been overrun by alternative media, though they have their own agenda, allows 2 sides to be presented and a viewer to come to a more formed opinion rather than one of bias.

Iran would have been next. But the US are struggling with Syria. Even with paid militias fronting as terror groups, who themselves are trying desparetely to destroy Assad's government, with France, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, France and U.K. They still can't get the job done and Syria is no where near the level of military capability of Iran.

North Korea would be a possibility but then China wouldn't allow it at this stage but they need to keep the war machine going to recoup the huge expenditure it receives (more than any other country combined) which is an investment, not an empty pit and that money needs to be recouped with large profits. Question is, who else can they really go after who has a lot of wealth?

I could see Saudi Arabia and Pakistan being strong possibilities
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Re: Whose nest to go to war with United States?
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