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question for all consumers of gangsta rap...
« on: August 29, 2015, 03:20:58 AM »
Well, we've had critics such as dolorace tucker n others but do you ever put blame on the consumer for encouraging gang bangin culture through power of purchase?
Do you ever question what you are encouraging as a consumer???

Do you feel influenced by popular culture???

Do you ever think of some kid living in a gang area who just wish he lived in a safer neighborhood n here these pansy white boys boppin they heads to gangsta rap???

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Re: question for all consumers of gangsta rap...
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Re: question for all consumers of gangsta rap...
« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2016, 09:40:46 PM »
Umm the only purchases that effect the banging culture is drugs. T.v., radio, consumers, etc. don't pay gangs. They pay actors and musicians. Gangs existed long before it became mainstream, the boost in membership and recruiting can't be blamed on consumers. Long before gangsta rap there was John Wayne. And long before him there was Humphrey Bogart. Get what I'm saying?  There are "Hollywood" bangers, then there's the real thing, the ones like myself, who don't give a fuck about what you think, even if I never heard one gangsta rap, I would still TAKE what I want. The only thing I'd EARN is respect in the streets. Look at El Chapos interviews, he wasn't glamorizing this shit, he said he got in it cause he had no choice. What he really meant was there was no opportunity to better oneself in the environment he grew up in without resorting to crime. This is the situation most bangers faced. That's why gangsta rap got so big. If I can tell my story and get paid why not? The problem is some people are too focused on the story, thinking that's what brought the success. The real success was we wanted to hear the artist's story, not some copycat version that wanna be's put out today. Music is music. Its entertainment. The problems arise when people confuse entertainment with real life. Just ask N.W.A., no doubt they spit that Gangsta shit, but was they continuing to live that life?  Not at all, they turned business men instead, and sold people a dream. Who knew millions of people, in a world full of sin, dreamed of being Gangstas. N.W.A did!!