Author Topic: Trick Daddy Bankrupt! Baby Mamas Are Expensive  (Read 141 times)


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Trick Daddy Bankrupt! Baby Mamas Are Expensive
« on: August 31, 2015, 02:08:05 PM »

Trick Daddy has filed for bankruptcy because, according to him ... hes got next to ZERO money in the bank, and his baby mama bills keep piling up.

The Miami rapper filed for Chapter 11 saying hes got about $430k in assets which sounds decent, except he's also $645k in the red! Including: $34,837 child support to one mother, $22,282 to another,  $290k in back taxes, and $280k for his first mortgage.

Interestingly, Trick Daddy says he still makes about $14,500 a month -- most of it off music publishing and club gigs -- and doesn't live a baller lifestyle. Hell, TD says he only has $550 in clothes and jewelry!

So fiscally responsible. Outside of baby mamas and the IRS.  :D


Re: Trick Daddy Bankrupt! Baby Mamas Are Expensive
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T double sure looks different without a beard.  Looks like a darker Terrence Howard.  Yeah I know he got some kind of health problem.  Get the lawyer Dwight Howard got & he wouldn't have to be paying that much.  Maybe he shoulda been making more records & he can get out of that debt.  Haven't heard a song from him in over a decade.