Author Topic: Segment 3 - Infinite: Views from the Middle Class -  (Read 303 times)

Infinite Trapped in 1996

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Segment 3 - Infinite: Views from the Middle Class -
« on: December 12, 2015, 10:19:50 PM »
In this segment I pose a question.   How can a ficca like Infinite, fail for 16 straight years and still land on his feet and be middle class?

...To do this you have to have luck.  And I did have a luck and an angle on my side.... It's hard to do it without that.  I mean, I have been to interviews before and they look over your resume.  I mean they are expecting people who have been working on their career during their life.  Your supposed to be able to show that you were working at a job, or attaining a degree, trainings, accreditation, certifications, etc.. something that shows you were working at or towards something...

But how can you go to an interview like me, and basically have a gap of some 14 years or so where you really have nothing to show for it?   I mean... you can't say, "well I'm an existentialist, who was busy pondering life, and the meaning of suffering, and traveling the Earth, blazing tree's, and busting freestyles on street corners, and posting at Internet rap forums".

...So yeah, point is... come resume time, all that existentialism doesn't count for much.  

It does count in the development of personality, and by extension, you could aquire some angels and some blessings that can help you on your way.... but it's hard to count on blessings from above.  Mine almost didn't come.  I was literally at the brink, and a lot of times I was trying to figure out ways to be content with an economic status that put me below the poverty line.  I spent a lot of time as a minimalist thinking what was the least I could live with and still be happy.  I even tried at times living in my car, but usually failed at that, but I was trying to break things down to the minimum.

Now I am middle class and I don't have to do that.  I can live what is considered a more "normal" life.

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Re: Segment 3 - Infinite: Views from the Middle Class -
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Re: Segment 3 - Infinite: Views from the Middle Class -
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I'm glad the hiring manager at Wendy's saw past your resume gap and decided to give you a chance. It'll be a while before you can ascend to the middle class but keep it up.