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im writing a book
« on: December 25, 2015, 04:39:25 PM »
So, basically I'm using real, places and events from my life aswell as exagerrating the f outa sone of the things that happend, throwing in shit I wished woulda happend and n creating a character based on myself, with my name but a bit of a different background.

I know u cant use other ppls real names unless you got they permission and I'm not sure about places.

Its based in my hometown, n a part of the story revolves around a certain area I used to live and a particular house and I don't know if I can speak if this area.

So its a place called Wongala Estate which is an Aboriginal housing development, and I used to live there and I know I probably shouldn't use the exact address but I can get around that, but I wanna describe the house and family and I don't know the legal ramifications about that.

I was thinking maybe I could refer to the experience but place it somewhere else in town but then my plot is all fucked up.

I'll just google this shit.


Re: im writing a book
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What is the purpose of this book?


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Re: im writing a book
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To do what I love.
I might start a website for short stories n poetry n put it up there.
Or send it to a publisher.
I read the book that was the basis for Precious and it wasn't written professionally so maybe ive got a chance of having it published.
Maybe it'll just be a healthy activity for me instead of drinking or getting stoned.
The possibilities are only as limited as my thinking.