Author Topic: Tupac Picture You Rollin' ... In HIS Hummer  (Read 261 times)


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Tupac Picture You Rollin' ... In HIS Hummer
« on: April 29, 2016, 07:55:39 PM »
Tupac Shakur's last purchased ride is about to hit the auction block and is expected to go for a fortune.

Tupac's fully loaded 1996 Hummer -- which was purchased less than a month before his death -- is being hawked in a week-long online auction through RR ... which estimates it will go for more than $100k.

The H1 has changed hands several times since Pac's death ... it was even raffled off in a BET sweepstakes at one point. Right now a Canadian collector has it, and is obviously looking to cash in on the prized whip.

It goes up on the block on May 12.