Author Topic: OG Snoop Doggy Dogg - Doggystyle (Bernie Grundman mastering tape 11/10/93)  (Read 4177 times)


damn whats up with all these dudes with one post coming out of no where?  hope this isnt a cruel joke, i still remember when big jake said he would give the cd up with the song on it for a 64 impala lolzzzz

Yes.. I knew we had lurkers, but hotdamn

there should be a rule...  if your 1st post is the post where you asking / begging for music you shouldn't get shit and should be banned... 

...and on a side note....while you sending out those links.... 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Spoonie Luv

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can i get link 2 plz. thanks in advance ;)
Spoonie Luv From Up Above


if serious, could I get a hook up please?

Hack Wilson - real

Where's my PM


would appreciate a pm! 8)


Is this for real or some sick joke?

Hopefully it's real and the fans are finally blessed hearing this in decent quality.

Could you hook me up with a PM?



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I'm a founding member of this forum and have some history here.  If I don't get a PM with the link to The Next Episode CDQ (dat tape rip which I doubt) within the next 24hrs I call bullshit!  If I received said track, I would ONLY trust my homie Efrian187 to remaster it and make it prefect!  Welcome 2016 th year Next Episode CDQ FINALLY leaked!!!!!



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Would love a PM with link as well!  Thanks!


open link Please, this is not fair.


if someone wants unreleased Crooked I B.O.S.S shit then send me a link.


Can you pm me as well boss?


Can you pm me as well boss?

check your pm


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My lord!  If some one could share a PM it would be greatly appreciated!!!!


PM please. Been wanting for this for a long time.
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Can you pm me as well boss?

check your pm

I was talking to the OP. As in "Can you send me link as well, boss(OP not Crooked I album)?"