Author Topic: OG Snoop Doggy Dogg - Doggystyle (Bernie Grundman mastering tape 11/10/93)  (Read 4196 times)


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Kinda having my doubts about this being legit.  :-\  hmmmm...


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Please PM me the link as well.


Kinda having my doubts about this being legit.  :-\  hmmmm...

Seems like a sad joke unfortunately


Can you pm me as well boss?

check your pm

I was talking to the OP. As in "Can you send me link as well, boss(OP not Crooked I album)?"

Crooked I Album : B.O.S.S


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I don't always lurk around. He'll I'm almost 40 now and have a life of work and family. Dubcc takes a backpage due to this. I just don't have the time and inclination to bother posting to the forums I read sporadically at best. But this is just another Fermat jab like the still a mc og. Fuck that douche bag. BTW forum has been dead since Nima left.

Hack Wilson - real

I got the PM. thanks guys


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Can i get a pm?


Can i have a link for pm? :)
thanks in advance


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Holly shit. Can i get link too ,please. thanks in advance


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can i get a pm as well, please?
been waiting on this like forever.
thanks in advance  :)


I'm still waiting for my PM, so until then I sceptical this is real.

Dogg Ly Dogg

I was wondering why there were 5 pages of this thread lol
Thanks Sccit or who ever that can PM me the song if it's really legit ;)


Please Pm :) this song is the El dorado of g-funk


please Send me a pm to


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This is historical if true. PM please dawgz.