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Welcome to your weekly dose of Three Amigos Podcast fun. This episode is loaded with great content, courtesy of our special guests, a quartet of exciting UFC fighters: bantamweight standout and Top 15 contender, Eddie Wineland, welterweight standout and TUF 21 winner Kamaru Usman, featherweight Top 15 contender, Darren Elkins and lightweight crowd pleaser, Scott Holtzman. We've got the 30th edition of the Weight List with George Lockhart and Iain Kidd, as well as our popular segments: RantyPantsTM, Q&A with Capt. KiddTM and Sports That Can't Stop No Double LegTM

Ordered Listing with timestamps:
RantyPantsTM - 11:35

Weight ListTM No. 30 - 23:40

Q&A with Captain KiddTM - 42:30

Eddie Wineland - 55:15

Kamaru Usman - 1:15:30

Darren Elkins - 1:44:40

Scott Holtzman - 2:03:40

Sports That Can't Stop No Double LegTM - 2:26:35

Here is a summary of each interview segment, complete with the time stamps for when each interview or special segment begins. As always, we hope you enjoy listening to the show as much as we enjoyed recording it.

Weight ListTM #30 (20:25 mark)
George & Leith's work at UFC 200 with Cormier, RDA, Gastelum and more
Whether George has ever had a client admit to using PEDs
What issues come up with the weight cut when fighters use PEDs
Why prescription strength diuretics are not needed
The benefits of the Mediterranean diet
Why a high fat diet is beneficial to most people
Med vs Paleo diets
How to get a customised nutrition plan from George

If you have a question you'd like to submit to The Weight List Mailbag, please emailiain@threeamigospodcast.comor shoot him a tweet@iainkidd. You can also drop your question off on our Facebook fan
Eddie Wineland (55:15 mark)
Takeaways from the Faber/Saenz fight that could be useful
If he thinks the UFC markets the lighter weight classes enough
Thoughts on the recent round of drug test failures
If he'd like to see some sort of financial amenity for fighters that face drug cheats
The most difficult aspect of his 13+ year career
UFC sale discussion
Kamaru Usman (1:15:30 mark)
Breaking into the rankings
Transitioning collegiate wrestling into MMA-centric wrestling
Advice for new fighters regarding camp selection
USADA test failures
Using his sociology studies in his MMA career
How his toddler daughter came to be a product model
Darren Elkins (1:44:40 mark)
Reference to his infamous bathroom brawl
Godofredo Pepey discussion
Relocating his family to Nor Cal to train at Team Alpha Male full time
Team Dynamic
USADA drug test failures
Thoughts on Mendes 2 year suspension
If he's happy with the pace the UFC has set for his career growth
The biggest change he'd like to see the new owners make to the UFC
Scott Holtzman (2:03:40)
Pfister fight discussion
Respect for Cody's "go for broke" approach in their fight
Why he went from hockey to MMA
If he feels USADA's 2 year ban for first time offenders is too harsh
UFC sale discussion
MMA management discussion
Biggest pet peeve in the community
The hosts discuss a variety of topics that include:
Review of UFC Sioux Falls
Bellator London
USADA drug test failures (Jones, Lesnar, Mendes)
Bellator safety issues
Dana White's RNC speech
Q&A with Capt. KiddTM
Sports That Can't Stop No Double LegTM
Current staff prediction standings (Mookie is NOT in the lead)
UFC On FOX 20 picks & predictions
You can check out the entire show here or via the embedded player below. Remember, if you're looking for us on SoundCloud or iTunes, we're under the MMA Nation name. Follow our Twitter accounts: Stephie Haynes, Three Amigos Podcast, Geroge Lockhart, Iain Kiddand Mookie Alexander or our Facebook fan page, Three Amigos Pod.
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