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I did this interview in 2008 when Heltah Skeltah was set to release their final album D.I.R.T. This is a very candid interview where Ruck & Rock break down the original of Heltah Skeltah and how they wasn't almost a group! There was also rumors (which were true because Sean Price told me himself) that Jay-Z and 50 Cent once offered him a record deal. Sean Price explains why he never signed with them and stay independent with Duck Down Records. There is so much info in this interview I can't type it all!" -Doggie Diamonds

0:00 -6:44 - Talks about D.I.R.T. album, Heltah Selktah, Why He Choose To Stay Indie even though he got major offers

6:45- 12:17 - Personalities, Fans Of Youngbloodz, The Whole "Sean P" name being used by others

12:28-18:18 - Lists Producers For Dirt Album, Beat Selection Process, "Dream" Song, Doesnt Like Doing Features with Known Dudes, Rock's Mixtapes and Talks Shell Shock

18:19 -21:12 - Rock Talks Career & Jail
21:14 - 24:11 - favorite album out of Jesus Price & Monkey Bars, "Brokest Rapper"
24:13- 31:33 - Difference in Overseas Shows VS Shows In States, Where Do They Rank Themselves As Hip-hop Duos, Difficulty Level In Writing, Meaning of Shirt & Decept Formation

31:45- challenging yourself & leadership, M.O.S.T. & BCC, Steele's Role In Boot Camp, Starang being a Heltah Selktah dude, Not wanting to be a member cause certain group members were to "fukking short"

37:20- Final - Character, Movies, "Gotta Get Mine", Sean P Auditioning For OZ, Ruste Juxx, Promo[/center]

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