Author Topic: A White Supremist Moved In To My Share House - My Other Housemate Is Black  (Read 759 times)

Ebony Zebedee

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So we live in transitional housing and I came home this Sunday to discover a new tenant.

We were talking and he openly admitted to being an "Ex Neo Nazi and Romper Stomper" stating he had done "Some Terrible Things" (His Words)

Initially I challenged him stating my own Pro Black beliefs and my aversion to white supremacy.

My other housemate who is Vietnamese and Aboriginal was not home.

When I challenged this new guy he tried to compensate his beliefs with the excuses

* My father is racist
* My ancestors were convicts and treated just as badly as blacks
* I hate the Japs for bombing Darwin in WW2
* Said he was given permission by an African American online to use the term n-gg-
* Used an almost "blackface" mimicry of aboriginal accent relaying a conversation he had with an indigenous man

I firmly believe he only felt comfortable expressing himself so openly with me in the beginning because he identified with me culturally and felt safe expressing his hatered and had my  other housemate been present he may not have had the gall to be so openly bigoted and prejudice.

I texted my other housemate and told her and now she is too scared to return to the property. I feel she is totally justified in her fear and we are in the process of trying to have him removed from the property.

The support worker in our residence didnt take her seriously at first until I relayed the conversation I had with this guy and expressed my own concern and fear for my friend.

We have both had bad experiences with white supremists and neither of us feel comfortable living under the same roof as him.

Im hoping that by highlighting the seriousness of this and the grave danger it places my friend in, that they will tell him he is not a suitable candidate to access the service and maybe he will reconsider some of his beliefs if he is made aware that these ideologies are not acceptable in society. (Although we already have laws in place which dictate that very clearly)

Im so upset for my friend not feeling safe enough to return to her home. And that is a point I made to the support worker. How could we ever (regardless of beliefs and experience) ever think we could relate to the danger other cultures face due to white supremacy or the seriousness of it if never having been affected.

The support worker told me he is on a trial period where the opinions of the other housemates is taken into consideration in concern as to wether he will be able to live here permanently.  So hopefully our fears will be considered high priority and they will not extend his lease.