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New DMC/Kid rock news for those intereste
« on: April 23, 2003, 01:33:25 PM »

DMC Laments 50 Cent's Busy Schedule, Preps New Song With Kid Rock
04.23.2003 7:53 AM EDT  
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"[Kid Rock is] not just some white guy rapping, he's a musical genius." — DMC
Who is one of the only people that can make Kid Rock blush? One of the kings of rap, that's who.

"The one and only, he's the greatest musician/producer/writer I've ever known and his name is Kid Rock," DMC said on Friday, revealing who produced his upcoming single, "Find My Way." "He always says, 'Stop saying that,' [but] this guy helped me write it and played every instrument on the record. He's not just some white guy rapping, he's a musical genius."

Toward the end of May, everyone will be able to decide if Kid lives up to the hype, because that's when the single drops.

"It's a big, big record," DMC said of the collaboration (see "DMC Album Includes Tribute To Jam Master Jay"). "What I mean by 'big' is it's one of the best records I ever made. Country people are gonna love it, old people are gonna love it. Young people are gonna love it, girls, black people, white people. It's a universal record with a major theme that's needed right now in this world — peace. [It's about] not compromising and being who you are to make everybody else better.

"The video is gonna be me walking the earth, talking to bikers, talking to black people, white people, saved people, atheists, asking for directions," he added. "In a way it's a dedication to [Jam Master] Jay, too."

DMC will still have a dedication record to Jay on his solo album, Chex, Thuggs and Rock & Roll, when it's released in October. However, the song will now be a solo cut and probably will not feature 50 Cent as he had hoped.

"He's like the busiest man in the world," DMC said about 50, who was a protégé of the Jam Master. "I don't think that's gonna happen 'cause I can't wait for him. I see him every week and it is 'D — I gotta go over here' or 'I gotta go over there.' He's so busy. I was gonna do the record with him, but I'm just gonna do it by myself. He's the only guy I would do it with. So if I can't have him, I'd rather not do [a collaborative homage] at all."

Before Jay's death, DMC did secure two tracks from JMJ, and they'll appear on the album along with three from Limp Bizkit's DJ Lethal and one beat from Korn's Fieldy.

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