Author Topic: DJ Pooh is funny & Xzibit is kind  (Read 373 times)

Ebony Zebedee

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DJ Pooh is funny & Xzibit is kind
« on: October 26, 2016, 04:39:40 PM »
Just tweeted them both this morning in my quest to unfollow everyone I love and they replied.

I questioned why DJ Pooh has an orthodontist address in Sydney Australia in his twitter bio and he said it has something to do with finding Neemo. I said I can see his fans flocking to the area in their quest "Finding Pooh"

Tweeted Xzibit with a wish of good future endeavors following up with my favorite statement I say to people I respect "Peace Power & Prosperity " to which he replied "Thanks for the positive reinforcement. Much Love"

I hope you all get to have at least one interaction with the artists you support. Its fun, motivating, encouraging and a highlight when you don't get to socialize in society to the extent necessary to recieve that sense of gratification you get from interacting with people you appreciate.