Author Topic: An apology I extended to Daz & would like to extend to others in the community.  (Read 337 times)

Ebony Zebedee

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(I cant remember my exact accusation but do remember stating I could not support his art anymore)

In no way shape or form do I expect acknowledgment or acceptance for this but I'm riddled with guilt. That's a weak point with me but it's also an attribute. 

Eternal apologies for judging Daz.

I was wrong to use a blanket analysis of his art to justify my concern as a consumer.

I basically labeled Daz negatively due to a lack of appreciation for a culture and medium that in retrospect I can firmly state I have benefitted from greatly.

I'm just an over opinionated and outspoken person who thinks ideas that dawn upon them are original. 

Rap has been criticized on so many levels.

I'm choosing to focus on the empowering aspects these days. 

What I didn't convey to Daz when I unjustly insulted him was the education I've recieved about his and other artists communities. Something I can admit I probably would not have had the opportunity to learn about if I had not been attracted to the genre.

What I would like to clarify was that I was prompted to speak negatively due to a realization that I am potentially contributing to harmful activities in these communities by glorifying negatives and consuming the content.

Basically put, power of purchase.

That said, I do not feel artists are responsible for how people react to their art.

I have been lectured by CPO Boss Hog about the origins of Reality Rap, and am appalled that I resorted to blaming and shaming.

Because Daz has blocked me I'm worried my apology will be taken as intrusive. Would like to state that that is not my intention.

This situation reminds me of that line


I like to acknowledge people and there are many voices in the community, all unique, valid and respectable to greater and lesser degrees depending on personal beliefs.

I'm a square these days so I tend to be more swayed by moralistic ideology but that does not negate the diverse ranges of expression that conflict with personal taste.

Im in the midst of psychosis atm so am probably rambling and will end this on an apologetic and hopeful note.

Sorry to disrespect you Daz. I hope you find more avenues to excel and wish you a satisfying and productive, prosperous life.

Enough said.

Ebony Bree Caple