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01. Doggfather (Original Daz Ruff Mix) - As heard on the 2pac video
02. Up Jump The Boogie (Ruff Mix)
03. Freestyle Conversation (Ruff Mix)
04. Gold Rush (Ruff Mix)
05. Tear 'um (Ruff Mix)
06. Vapors (Original DJ Pooh Ruff Mix)
07. 2001 (Ruff Mix)
08. Sixx Minutes (Ruff Mix)
09. Wake Up (Ruff Mix)
10. Doggyland (Ruff Mix)

*All material unreleased


01. Gangstaz Life (Unreleased Song)
02. Definition Of A Homeboy (Unreleased Song)
03. 21st Street (Ruff Mix) 2 ft Tray D & Bad Azz - Alternate Mix & ft Bad Azz.
04. May I Funk With You (Ruff Mix) 2 - Alternate Mix
05. Tell Her What She Wants (Interlude) (Unreleased)
06. Pop Bloccin' ft Techniec, Kurupt & Big Pimpin (Unreleased Song)
07. County Blues (Ruff Mix) - Alternate Mix
08. Dat Bumpin' ft Daz Dillinger (Unreleased Song)
09. Usual Suspects (Ruff Mix) 2 - Alternate Mix
10. Some Other Shit (Unreleased Song)
11. Eastsiderz (Original Soopafly Version) ft Tray D & Daz Dillinger - New Beat & Unheard Lyrics
12. Get In 2 This ft Charlie Wilson (Unreleased Song)
13. Street Life (1st Take) ft Prince Ital Joe - Unheard Snoop Outro
14. C Walkin' (Ruff Mix) - Alternate Mix
15. Vapors (BC Remix) - ft Charlie Wilson & Tina Marie (R.I.P.) (Unreleased)
16. Head Doctor (Ruff Mix) - Alternate Mix, No RS Signing.
17. Change Is Gonna Come (Ruff Mix) - Alternate Mix

Sessions (Unused Instrumentals)

01. LT Hutton Instrumental #1
02. LT Instrumental #2
03. Priest Instrumental
04. Shawn Barney Rubble Instrumental - Snoop on intro

Unreleased Singles

Snoop Doggy Dogg - Vapors (New Mix) Gold Promo INT5P6153

01 Vapors (New Mix) wav
02 Vapors (Radio) wav


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All I know is that it's good to hear the Vapors (Battle Cat Remix featuring Charlie Wilson & Teena Marie). I haven't heard it in over 10 years. I've had a copy of the song since around the fall of 1997.


that BC remix of Vapors is just about the best thing on this 8)


Anyone still got it ?


we need the production credits