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Ebony Zebedee

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I'm reaching but I must admit it often comes to mind
That bad men do grant mercy to their victims from time to time
Maybe its the power of holding ones life in your hands
And with pity granting a just reprieve
Still I will damned
I'll be damned if I admire a man who tries to play me like he's god
I rather incur his wrath
Then the reality sets in like fog
Like a hazy mist so thick you cant see 3 feet in front
And you ask yourself with terror
Is this really what I want?
So its a reality that there's many men who hold lives in their hands
Meeting out justice and judgements far and wide across the lands
Should I respect the tyrants steady gaze as he lays his eyes on me
Meets out a justice I cant justify without respecting infamy?
So many find degradation entertaining
Worth a dime
Paying hard earned coin to witness some innocents demise
Or maybe they take pleasure once having been convinced
That the victim must deserve it
What makes these people tick?
Are we really all so consumed with negatives that we expect
To witness pure horror as a justice for disrespect
Are our egos all so precious that when we witness sin and pain
It reminds us we are faultless cos its not us
Are we that vain
I simply see abuse as validation of beliefs
Those that meet it out seek the victim to feel defeat
When in reality even the torturer cannot reasonably justify
He would do all within his power to escape the same damn lie
That fable we are told where the answer to a wrong
Is to abuse the pupil into correct behaviour to belong
To a cell or sect or group where it seems identity
Is based upon abuse inflicted meant to make one take heed
Its basically about the reward centres in the brain
We repeat behaviours we're rewarded for or try our best to refrain
From behaviours that lead to punishment
Wether physical or trite
You'd do as your told if the punishment was being hungry every night
And it seems this is what makes us feel alive
Watching another be deprived or victimized
Until we feel some sense of affinity
For a victim and their abusive reality
I learned myself to be pleasant as being rude was a crime
Then I grew up and tested boundaries as I was able to describe
That the pleasantries being expected were all about ego and pride
Nobodies apologizing to me so I can falsely apologize
As long as I'm feeding the ego of the one who seeks my harm
Its quite easy to manipulate a man
Inturn disarm
Sure he could realize I'm condescendingly giving him his way
But all he really seeks is someone to do exactly as he says
You dont actually have to believe a nary word that you repeat
Which means that the oppressor can never actually defeat
He is pleased with false flattery and condescending praise
As long as his egos being stroked his pride will leave him in a daze
Sure he'll punish you
But never believe that its actually deserved
Maybe he'll have you parrot back to him all his devilish disgusting words
But as long as you know your just doing your utmost to survive
Trust me
He is dependant on you or you'd have your just desire
The fact is that one mans justice is another mans loss
Because theres always someone with an ego who thinks unless hes playing god
That hes missing out or losing
Like his self worth is based upon
How many are beneath him
How many he can lead along
You're not stupid or worthless or hopeless just because he chooses to abuse
You're actually a validation of his weakness
Thats the truth
Hes nobody without a victim
No one unless he meets out pain
He's not powerful without a victim so I'll think bout this again
Cos it is quite likely that the tyrant took pity on poor me
I cant think of any other reason why most days I feel free
Maybe hes just waiting
Stalking me like prey
But should I really hope for mercy
Be sensible instead of brave
I'm merely human
Im not invincible
Nobody really is
Some of us are having our egos stoked thinking we're the bigs
But we're really all just as vulnerable as the squealing pigs
So maybe I'll thank my enemy for the mercy that he gives