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Inevitable End
« on: February 24, 2017, 08:37:24 AM »
So its all just a fabrication to lead us to conclude
That weve been granted some heavenly mercy for our wrongs and our abuse
Unfortunately its a reality that there are means unto an end
So your best to just accept that not all kindness is your friend
I think of history and the miseries that no one tried to stop
Permittance of such horror and recognize its not forgot
Nor forgiven for we have sinned and not  tried to recompense
And the reality is nothing could compensate such gross injustice or offence
I think of all the times consideration has been given
Desrved or not some arent provided the same as I and Ive forgiven
All my enemies knowing good and well there will eventually come a time
Where I have not the fortune nor capacity to express whats on my mind
I could hope for better days but it seems theyre here and now
I am at peace within my present state of mind
I do not go without
I hope to savor it as fleeting as it seems to be at times
But must recognize its quite possible I'll pay the penance for my crimes
And no I cant excuse myself
The facts are plain as day
I may not have been aware back then
I may have been brazen or deranged
But these are merely just reflections as Im not the one in control
I have a small hand in my future but it really need not be told
That there are powers out there greater than the laws over the land
Some are given guidance others learn of them first hand
Im just a simple girl who did the very best she could
Which it turns out wasnt good enough
Maybe thats why they named me wood
Naturally its not appraised until its cut or carved
Maybe my birth date was the beginning of this sentence where Ive been starved
Of the facts, the truths, the honest lessons meant to keep us in our place
And so Ive learned the hard way but it seems with much disgrace
Realistically this is superficial to those who earn through pain and greed
Feeding those who pay respects for reasons that vary
Ive been outspoken and tried to justify my beliefs believing they were right
As does my opposition and at times that gives me fright
For there are many who commend the acts of those who choose to live
As if lifes just a conquest and theyre here to take and give
Taking pleasure in giving punishment to those that pay no mind
To the evils so perverse that are an ailment to the mind
Even bad men have loves and passions that can be akin to what we know
As joys and innocent pursuits that help and teach us to grow
They have families and affections and expectations just like me
But maybe they have an assurity I am alien to as I believe
That nothing can be garunteed
No win or lose or gain
We're all just testing bojndaries
Confined by knowledge
So once again
I'll try to savor this fleeting peace that keeps my still in darkened hours
And hope that when I meet my fate my heart blossoms instead of cowers
Sometimes I really wonder was I numbered on the day
That I was born to determine when I'd end up in the grave
Anything is possible
Maybe my family are all dead
And so Im left with memories and haunting voices in my head