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Ebony Zebedee

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Dont they realize its all just a reality show
Meant to keep you entertained while they in pain
You didn't know
That you feedin offa misery
Leechin offa hurt
Wont realize till your demize is appraised for what its worth

Dont they realize its all just bout dog eat dog out here
No one gives a fuck if you sheddin tattoo tears
Cryin rivers over sinners who could care less about your trust
Its all about them dollars
You countin ashes made of dust

Dont they realize just cos it shines that its not worth all that fame
Slavin just so you can glow while they showerin in the rain
Countin common luxuries like bed sheets and a pan
Others aint got a pot to piss in
Just takin orders from the man

Dont they realize that all the lies are luxuries to some
Blunt honesty is all you'll see if you go on the fuckin run
Hittin fannies and fuckin animals pays the gottdamn rent
For these sadistic motherfuckers who dont care bout where you went

Dont they realize that some despise the glories you seem to desire
Rewardin your loyalty with cheap trinkets that wont stand the test of time
Do anything for a dollar
Do anything for a meal
Sacrificing standards
Dont they realize whats real

Dont they realize they're expendable
Keep takin orders to survive
Dont they realize its temporary
The punishment is to deprive
The basic needs
You're a human being doing everything its told
Cos you truly believed the answer was chasing glittering jewels of gold

Dont they realize theyre ensuring a continuation of abuse
Empowering through purchase what others find obtuse
Makin a mockery of righteousness
While others make an excuse
Dont they realize that they provide a reason to refuse

Dont they realize the real suprize is realizing truth
Nothings truly sacred
You can have all the blessed proof
But realistically it seems to me that not all want to know
Theyre happy being pacified
All they really want is a show


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I have some tracks for you if you want to put a beat behind it, You have a phenomenal gift!
Thank you for the inspiration!
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