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Ebony Zebedee

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« on: February 28, 2017, 05:38:48 AM »
Wishin we could value the beauty of humanity
See the pricelessness of life and help each other breathe
Invest in the betterment of our fellow man
Appreciate in kind
All the wonders of this blessed earth
Revel in the grand design

Wishin we valued love and compassion the same as lust and greed
Wishin feedin all the needy was the first priority
Wishin hope and empathy were practiced just the same
As meeting out injustice and encouraging sin and pain

Wishin truth was truly taught to us to bring us to a time
Where we no longer envy everyone who has so much wealth and shine
Wishin beauty was measured by the good deeds that weve done
Wishin humility was all the rage in an effort to overcome

Wishin sharing was truly caring
Giving gifts of kindness and true love
Simple gestures of affection stronger than the illest drugs
Wishin purity was popular
Vanity reformed
Into appreciation of the knowledge thats been born

Wishin excellence was evaluating expressions of true strength
Rather than punish those who fought against debase constraints
Wishin power was envisioned as who does the best he can
With resources although limited are enough to feed his fams

Wishin the most high was so heavenly he could stop all this hate and hurt
Wishin scriptures were the word of god as is the evidence of earth

Wishin quite vainly
Cos I must admit
I am left with nothing but to accept
That the opposite is reality
And so I do regret
Wishing in gesture of a better that is quite soft and innocent
Which is only seen as weakness to the tyrants that prevent