Author Topic: Exposing Snoop Dogg: An LBC OG Speaks Out - Billy 'Spittt' Brown On Snoop's 'Pro  (Read 631 times)


Exposing Snoop Dogg: An LBC OG Speaks Out - Billy 'Spittt' Brown On Snoop's 'Promise You This' DISS

This happened

Then THIS Happened.

And The latest

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Wasn't Snoop sellin' dope when he was still in LBC though? It's odd that the Rollin' 20's let him represent their set before he even was signed to Death Row, if he actually was never a real RTC. It's kinda messed up that Snoop doesn't give back to his old neighborhood and i really doubt all this talk won't be helping that situation at all.


Did I  understand it right he printed the flyers for The Legends event first and then asked Snoop to come
And then he is pissed
what kind of businessman does that



So he runs in to some one who happens to be snoop at snoops youth footall league, and ask him to fly on his own dime to support just cause he is from Long Beach?  Hmmm I'm sure you go to Marcy projects in Brooklyn youlll find the same shit.
What happen to the outlawz, money situation after PAC died or was alive? pac switching from crip to blood, Thug Life he was rolling with 40s with Sykes and wearing blue,  and then he was all of a sudden MOB?  I mean expose everyone not just one cuz PAC was a dancer like puffy for digital underground, and then he was a crip with thug life, and then a blood with suge...


he never asked him to fly on his own dime.

snoop originally wanted to be a partner..

the full interview will explain this all. im posting it now